17 Healing Crystals for Physical Wellbeing and Radiant Health

A pile of colorful stones and crystals.

Healing crystals are excellent tools to help improve our physical wellbeing. This article discusses the top 17 healing crystals to address physical wellbeing issues. This is the fifth article in our series about the transformative power of crystals. Catch up hereherehere, and here.

Healing Crystals for Physical Wellbeing

Crystals work on an energetic level to help rebalance and realign our vibrational frequency. This can help us on an emotional level but also a physical level. For the background on how this works, be sure to read the first article in this series: Crystal Healing: Harness the Transformative Power of Nature. Let’s dive straight into our top 17 healing crystals for physical wellbeing.


Agate is a variety of chalcedony. There are many types and colors of agate and they all have different healing qualities. The associated chakra will depend on the color of the agate. Here are two common types of agate – blue lace agate and moss agate. 

Blue lace agate can help alleviate symptoms of arthritis, brain disorders, fever, infection, inflammation, and insomnia. As blue lace agate is associated with the Vishuddha (throat) chakra it is helpful for any conditions relating to the throat, neck, and thyroid. 

Moss agate is associated with the Anahata (heart) chakra and is beneficial for those quitting smoking. It also aids coughing, hypoglycemia, dehydration, inflammation, and recovery from illness. 


Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a beautiful purple color. It is known as a stone of healing, tranquillity, and manifestation. Amethyst is associated with the Sahasrara (crown) and Ajna (third eye) chakras. 

Amethyst can help with issues relating to the head and neck areas such as headache, migraine, tinnitus, and neck tension. Because of its calming abilities, it is helpful for insomnia, and it increases beta brain waves so is great for meditation. Amethyst healing crystals can help the endocrine system and balance hormones. 

Amethyst is excellent for relieving alcohol addiction and hangovers, and it reduces physical and emotional pain. It also benefits the large intestine, lungs, nervous system, respiratory system, and skin.


Aventurine is a type of quartz and comes in a variety of colors, although the most common color is green. Green aventurine is associated with the Anahata (heart) chakra. 

Green aventurine helps the adrenal glands and thymus gland, lowers cholesterol and inflammation, and stabilizes blood pressure stabilization. It is also beneficial for the nervous system, heart and chest. Blue aventurine eases drug addiction and detoxification. Red aventurine boosts the immune system and the liver. Additionally, aventurine helps speed recovery from illness and regulate metabolism.


Carnelian is a type of chalcedony. It is a beautiful orange-red color and is associated with the Svadhisthana (sacral) Chakra. Carnelian healing crystals can help:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Lower back pain
  • Bladder
  • Circulatory system
  • Endometriosis
  • Fertility
  • Impotence
  • Gallbladder
  • Small intestine
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Menstruation
  • Metabolism regulation
  • Neuralgia
  • Reproductive system
  • Skeletal system
  • Vitamin absorption
Sunny citrine and calming amethyst


Chrysocolla is a beautiful green crystal with a high copper content, technically known as copper silicate. It sometimes comes in a blue-green shade and is associated with the Anahata (heart) and Vishuddha (throat) chakras.

Chrysocolla healing crystals are excellent for helping the adrenal glands, soothing arthritis, healing burns, and balancing blood pressure. Additionally, chrysocolla can help detoxification, insulin regulation, the digestive system, laryngitis, thyroid conditions, and issues with the liver, pancreas, and lungs. It is useful for regulating menstruation, alleviating menstrual cramps and symptoms of PMS. 


Citrine is a type of yellow-orange quartz. It is often known as the money and abundance stone, but it has many other useful properties. It is associated with the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra. 

Citrine can reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and increase energy. It boosts the circulatory system and balances the endocrine system and hormones. It helps lessen the severity of menopause symptoms, including low energy and hot flashes. 

Citrine can be a helpful stone for those who have diabetes and those who suffer from fibromyalgia. It is beneficial for kidney and bladder infections, and issues to do with the pancreas, stomach, and gastrointestinal tract, alleviating constipation. Citrine helps the eyes, the circulatory system, and reduces the appearance of cellulite when massaged over the skin regularly. I recommend a citrine wand for this purpose.


Fluorite is technically known as calcium fluoride. It comes in green and rainbow varieties, and can also be found in colors of purple, blue, yellow, pink and red. Depending on the color, it is associated with the Anahata (heart) chakra, Vishuddha (throat) chakra, and Ajna (third eye) chakra.

Fluorite can boost cellular regeneration, DNA repair, and immune system function. It helps respiratory illnesses, allergies, sinusitis, and the olfactory system. Fluorite healing crystals can be used for lowering cholesterol levels, detoxification, increasing energy, reducing symptoms of influenza, and healing skin conditions.

This beautiful stone can also be beneficial for any issues relating to the ears, eyes, teeth, joints, bones, arthritis, stomach, and intestines. It sooths the nervous system, reducing neuralgia, and is helpful in alleviating the symptoms of shingles.


Garnet is a silicate and is most commonly found in the classic deep red color, although it can also come in other colors, such as yellow, pink, orange, green, and black. In the most common red color it is associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra, and can benefit a wide variety of physical wellbeing issues, such as:

  • Digestive system
  • Intestines
  • Increased energy
  • Fertility
  • Impotence
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heartburn/acid reflux
  • Kidney issues
  • Metabolism regulation
  • Pancreas
  • Reproductive system
  • Blood purification
  • DNA repair
  • Immune system


Hematite is an extremely protective stone, both energetically and physically. It is an iron oxide and is a beautiful shiny silvery grey color on the outside. However, when broken and powdered and mixed with water, because of the iron content the water turns bright red, which is why the Ancient Greeks named it hematite, from the Greek haema meaning blood. Hematite is associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra.

Hematite healing crystals are fabulous for helping any type of addiction, particularly to tobacco. As the name would suggest, hematite is beneficial for conditions of the blood including anemia, nose bleeds, blood clotting, blood detoxification and cleansing, tissue healing, menstruation, and high blood pressure. It is also great for easing leg cramps, general aches and pains, nervous disorders, and large and small intestine issues. 

Hematite jewelry


Jade has a beautiful healing energy. It is an ornamental silicate mineral and can be obtained in a variety of soft colors, including, green, white, blue, lavender, and pink. It is associated with the Anahata (heart) chakra. 

Because of its association with the Anahata chakra, it is useful for any conditions relating to the heart or chest, including asthma. Jade can be used to assist fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. It helps issues of the digestive system, kidneys, nervous system, sinuses, bodily fluids, and adrenal glands. Because of their extremely therapeutic vibrations, jade healing crystals can be used to speed up would healing and cellular repair.


Jasper is often described as the ‘supreme nurturer.’ It is a type of chalcedony and is available in a variety of colors ranging through black, brown, yellow, orange, red, and green. Different specimens can exhibit patterns such as spots and veins of other minerals such as hematite, which add to the crystal’s properties. 

There are many varieties, including red, yellow, dalmation, picture, ocean, zebra, leopard skin, green, fancy, desert, veined, and brecciated. The color of the jasper will determine its associated chakra. As a general rule, most types of jasper will help the following conditions:

  • Bladder
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • Digestive system
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Hips (red jasper)
  • Immune system
  • Intestines (red and desert jasper)
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Rejuvenation after illness
  • Protection from pollution and electromagnetic radiation


Beautiful moonstone holds the power of healing lunar energy. It is a combination of orthoclase and albite. Rainbow moonstone is a different type of crystal, a variety of white labradorite, and has different properties to moonstone. Moonstone is associated with the Ajna (third eye) chakra and the Sahasrara (crown) chakra.

Because of moonstone’s feminine lunar energy, it can help issues with bodily fluids such as water retention, and the female reproductive system including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, fertility, menopause, menstruation, PMS, and hormonal balance. Interestingly moonstone can alleviate sensitivity to light, sleepwalking, skin conditions, fibromyalgia, stimulate hair growth, and balances the pituitary and pineal glands. 


Obsidian is actually a type of volcanic glass. It is associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra and is extremely grounding and protective. It is most often found in black but can also be a silver or deep brown color. 

Obsidian can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety before they manifest into physical form. It can help ease tobacco addiction (snowflake obsidian), Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and joint pain. Both mahogany and snowflake obsidian are useful healing crystals for ear and sinus issues. Obsidian can also help issues related to the digestion, gallbladder and stomach.


Opal is such a beautiful and gentle healing stone. It is an amorphous form of silica and as such is connected to the element of water. It comes in a rainbow of colors, including white, blue, pink, black, yellow, red, purple, green, orange, and brown. The associated chakra depends on the color, though all opals can be used for Anahata chakra issues because of their high water content and affinity with the emotions. 

Opal healing crystals can be used to ease symptoms of allergies, headaches, and flu. Opal is also useful for insulin regulation, Parkinson’s disease, skin issues, intestinal problems. Pink opal is helpful for PMS, childbirth and the menopause. Blue opal is helpful for lung disorders, asthma, and throat conditions.

Tiger’s Eye

A strong grounding and healing stone, tiger’s eye is a type of chalcedony. It can commonly be found in golden brown, which is associated with the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra. Red tiger’s eye is associated with the Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra and Muladhara (root) Chakra. Less commonly, you can find it in blue, which is associated with the Vishuddha (throat) chakra.

Tiger’s eye can help address brain disorders, issues with the endocrine system, skeletal system, and gallbladder. Red tiger’s eye is good for speeding up the metabolism, balancing the reproductive system, boosting libido, and dealing with the after-effects of abuse (red tiger’s eye is known as the survivor’s stone). Blue tiger’s eye slows a speedy metabolism and calms an over-active libido. It also helps relieve throat issues.


Tourmaline is a silicate and can be found in a variety of colors. Black tourmaline is the most common and is associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra. Pink tourmaline is associated with the Anahata (heart) chakra. 

Tourmaline can balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It reduces fear and paranoia. Black tourmaline can help arthritis, heavy metal poisoning, detoxification, seizures, skin issues, nervous system disorders, and gallbladder problems. It can also protect against electromagnetic radiation. Pink tourmaline can benefit the endocrine system, the chest, and the heart. 

Clear quartz point


Quartz is available in a multitude of different varieties and types, and its chakra association is dependent on its variety and color. Smokey quartz is associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra, clear quartz with the Sahasrara (crown) chakra, and rose quartz with the Anahata (heart) chakra.

Rose quartz healing crystals help any issues relating emotionally or physically to the heart. They can also help heal burns, aid fertility, ease symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease, and have anti-aging properties.

Smokey quartz can reduce back pain, boost the reproductive system, protects against electromagnetic radiation, and alleviate discomfort in the legs and feet.

Clear quartz magnifies the healing vibrations of all other crystals so can be used as a companion stone when using other healing crystals. It is also useful for relieving headaches, migraines, and tension in the head and neck area, as well as reducing brain fog and enhancing mental clarity.


Healing crystals are a beautiful way to boost our physical wellbeing. While not advised as an alternative to allopathic medication, they can be a useful addition to your healthcare regime. If you suspect you have a health condition, we advise you to seek proper medical attention. As always, feel free to drop any questions or comments in the box below, or join us in our Sacred Circle forum

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  2. The article you shared lists 17 healing crystals for physical wellbeing and radiant health. Some of the crystals mentioned are Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite, and Tiger’s Eye. Each crystal has its own unique properties and benefits.