9 Protection Crystals to Shield from Negativity

A woman holding a quartz crystal in her hands.

As a spiritual teacher and coach, I often get asked how people can protect themselves, their family, and their home from negative energy. There are lots of ways you can do this, from sage cleansing to blessing ceremonies to visualizations, but my favorite is with crystals.

How Do Protection Crystals Work?

It’s all about energy. Protection crystals vibrate on particular frequencies. These frequencies are useful for absorbing and recalibrating other undesirable energetic frequencies. Sometimes, the negative influence comes from other people and there are protection crystals that can absorb these energies for you, preventing them from affecting your own energetic vibration. Some protection crystals have such a strong energetic frequency they can help to put up a defensive shield around you, deflecting negative energy. 

But sometimes, the negative vibrations stem from yourself – your own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In this case, the protection crystals can help to shift your frequency and move you to a different vibration where you won’t be harming yourself with low frequency thought and emotion vibrations.

How Should I Use My Protection Crystals?

Protection crystals can be used in a variety of ways, and it all depends on what you need protection from. If you have a lot of negative people or energy vampires around you then wearing jewelry made of protection crystals can help to defend you. 

Protection While Traveling

If you want to be protected from harm and aggressive drivers when you drive your car, you can place a few protection crystals around the vehicle. I like to place a larger piece in my glove compartment and then several smaller pieces around the car to create a safe travel grid. I place some in the trunk, and some under the seats and in the back. Just ensure that you don’t place them where they could move and interfere with your pedals!

If you are traveling on public transport or cycling, you can carry a couple of tumble stones or raw rocks on you, or wear jewelry. If you are going on vacation and you will be separated from your luggage (for example, traveling by airplane), place some protection crystals in your suitcase to ensure it arrives safely.

Protection at Work

The same goes for using protection crystals at work. If you work in an office or location where other people are present and you feel negatively impacted by them, try placing a large crystal sphere on your desk. If anyone asks about it and you don’t want to reveal the reason behind it, you can say it is a decorative paper weight. You can also use a crystal slice as a coaster for your cup – this looks pretty but is also helping you.

If you work on a computer then you can place specific protection crystals around your workstation to absorb electromagnetic radiation so that it does not affect your health. If you are aircrew, ALWAYS keep a protection crystal on you because you are exposed to huge amounts of cosmic radiation on a regular basis, which is really bad for your health.  

Protection at Night 

For protection when you sleep from nightmares and psychic attack, wear jewelry and place crystals in a grid formation around your bed, including a large piece underneath your bed. You can also hang a mobile or dreamcatcher that is adorned with crystals over your bed or in your window to absorb negative influences and prevent them from reaching you as you sleep. This is really important because while we’re asleep, our subconscious mind and our energetic field are wide open and are more at risk from harmful vibrations.

Psychic Attack 

Psychic attack is simply harmful thought vibrations sent to you from someone else, either consciously or unconsciously. When you think bad things about someone, you are sending them a psychic attack, whether you mean to or not. That’s why it is so crucial to guard our thoughts and only think positive things about ourselves and others. You don’t know the damage you are doing to someone by thinking harmful thoughts about them. 

As stated, at night we are particularly at risk from this type of harm, but it can happen during the day as well. Wear protection crystals as jewelry, place them around and under your bed, and carry them with you to help prevent psychic attack from harming you.

Protecting Your Home

You can stop harmful energy from entering your home by placing protection crystals around the perimeter, either inside or outside, paying particular attention to the doorways and windows, and any other openings such as a chimney or vent. 

You can make crystal infused protection and cleansing sprays and spritz your space regularly. Likewise, you can make protective floor washes infused with herbs and crystals and use these to mop your floors. 

You can make an energy bowl and place it outside or inside your front door. This is made by mixing sea salt and water (or use seawater if you are local to the ocean) and placing water-safe protection crystals inside. This potent mix of ingredients will absorb negative energy from people coming to your front door. You must change the water and cleanse the crystals weekly. 

Black tourmaline is fantastic for protecting your space from negative energy

Protecting Your Family

A lovely way to use protection crystals to shield your family is to make protection grids for each family member. You can even include your pets! To do this you’ll need a photograph of the person or animal you want to protect and some surface space that won’t be disturbed, for example, a sideboard or table you don’t often use. 

Take seven protection crystals, either all the same type or a mixture based on their individual properties and what type of protection the person most needs. Seven is the number of the collective unconscious and so by using seven protection crystals you send your protection intentions into the collective unconscious. 

Place your cleansed and charged protection crystals in a circle around the photo of the person or animal. A circle is a form of sacred geometry that creates an energetic boundary, which is why it is used in magic and spell casting. It keeps positive energy in and shields whatever is inside the circle from the influence of negative energy. 

Once you have set up your protection grid you need to activate it. You can use a crystal wand, a crystal point, or your finger. Point the wand or your finger at the topmost crystal and move slowly round the circle in a clockwise direction visualizing white light coming from the tip of the wand or your finger and into the crystals. Complete the circle three times, all the while focusing on your intention that the person (or people or animal) be protected and safe from harm.

Individual or Family Grids?

You can set multiple grids, one for each person, including yourself. The benefit of individual grids is that you can choose a unique mix of protection crystals for each person. For example, your son may need protection from bullies at school, whereas your daughter may need protection from intrusive or negative thoughts. You may need protection for a health condition and your partner may travel a lot for work and you may want to use protection crystals for travel in their grid. 

If you prefer, you can use a family photo and just set up one grid. This is great if you have limited space, but it is not as versatile. That doesn’t mean it’s not powerful though. If you just want general protection, then a family grid is perfect. If you have pets, try to use a photo that includes them too.

What Are the Best Protection Crystals?

Now you know how to use protection crystals for different purposes, here are my favorite protection crystals to shield you from negativity and harm. They are listed in no particular order.

You will notice there are many black and dark-colored stones. This is because black stones generally have a protective vibration. Plus, they are associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra, which is our seat of safety, security, and connection to earth energy.

If you don’t have these stones but have other black, brown, or red stones, use these instead. Equally as important as the crystals you use is your intention when using them, so ensure that you cleanse, charge, and program your protection crystals with your specific intentions. To learn how, make sure you read the first article in this series. 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has an extremely grounding and protective vibration. It can clear a space of unwanted energy and so is an excellent stone to have with you at work or to use for home protection. 


Hematite is able to absorb negative energy and prevent it from entering your auric field. Because of this ability, it is fabulous to use as a personal protection talisman and worn as jewelry or carried in your pocket.

A hematite bracelet


Obsidian is volcanic glass and is a great crystal for guarding you against your own eruptive thoughts and emotions. It can help you to see the bigger picture and not get bogged down in the stressful minute details. In this way it prevents your mind from making a mountain out of a molehill or creating a big problem out of a trivial matter. Keep a piece with you whenever you feel the need for grounding and perspective.


Turquoise is known as the travelers stone because it is particularly effective as a protective talisman for travelers and those embarking on long journeys. Carry or wear turquoise when you travel and keep a piece in your car to shield you from hazards on the road. 


Another black stone, onyx can help to cleanse negativity from your own energy field. Because of this it is a great stone to use for protection from your own negativity, and also for use when you have come into contact with a negative person or energy vampire. You can quickly release any negative vibes that have penetrated your auric field by holding two pieces of onyx, one in each hand, and visualizing them sucking all of the negative energy away from you. You can also sweep your auric field with them.


Carnelian is an orange-red stone associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra and Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra. It helps to strengthen your sense of security and safety. The energy of carnelian stabilizes your own and is therefore good for when you feel unstable and ungrounded. It can give you that extra confidence boost you need to get through a difficult situation. 


Selenite is the best stone for raising your vibration. You will find that when your vibration is kept high, negative energy cannot influence you because it cannot lock onto your own frequency. Also, as the Law of Attraction teaches us, like attracts like. If your own energetic vibration is low, you will draw more of this energy to you. If your frequency is high, you will naturally connect with more positive and higher frequency energy and people. Additionally, selenite is fantastic for creating a shield of energy around your auric field so that your high-vibration stays in and low-vibrations from others stay out.

Selenite is extremely high-vibe

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz are the best crystal for protection against EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). This is the perfect stone to have at your workstation or home office next to your computer. It is an essential stone to have around your house and on your person if you live near radio or cell phone towers. You can also stick a flat piece of smokey quartz on the back of your cell phone to absorb the radiation and prevent it from entering your body.


Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone and is associated with the Sahasrara (crown) and Ajna (third eye) chakras. Because of this, it is able to protect you against psychic attack. It is known as a great stone for sleep and to protect against nightmares. Place a piece under your pillow and a larger geode under your bed for complete night-time protection.


You can use any of the above crystals, or other dark-colored stones for protection. Ensure that you do the work on yourself as well because usually, that is the most effective way to stop attracting negativity. Raise your vibration by changing your thought patterns and negative self-talk, and you will see that you begin to attract more positivity and high-vibe people into your life. 

As always, if we can help you with any questions related to your spiritual journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop them in the comments below, or in our Sacred Circle forum

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