Goddess Aphrodite: 2 Rituals for Self-Love & Beauty

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Connecting with the energy of Goddess Aphrodite can help you recognize your beauty and deepen your relationship with yourself. If you have trouble loving yourself and practicing self-care, you can call upon Goddess Aphrodite to assist you. In this article, we will explore the legend of Goddess Aphrodite, the ways in which she can help you, and some powerful invocations to help you connect with the Goddess of love.

The Legend of Goddess Aphrodite

Goddess Aphrodite is one of the most well-known Greek deities. One of the twelve Olympian gods, Aphrodite, is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, and procreation. Goddess Aphrodite is famous for being the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She is the personification of the beauty and creative power inherent in nature. 

Two stories in Greek mythology tell of Aphrodite’s birth. The first says that she appeared out of the sea foam created when the severed genitals of the Greek sky god, Uranus, were thrown into the sea. Goddess Aphrodite rose out of the foam, fully grown and floating on a scallop shell. The second story says that Goddess Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Dione. 

Goddess Aphrodite was beautiful, alluring, sensual, and much desired by gods and mortals alike. Every god on Mount Olympus wanted her for himself. To end the arguing, Zeus married her off to the god of fire and metalworking, Hephaestus, the ugliest of all the gods. 

Goddess Aphrodite was not at all pleased about this union and proceeded to take many lovers. Among these were Ares, the god of war, Hermes, the messenger god, Poseidon, the god of the sea, and the handsome mortal Adonis. Goddess Aphrodite bore many children with her various lovers, including Eros, Hermaphroditus, Aeneas, and Rhode.

Aphrodite and her son, Eros

Special Powers

Like all of the Olympic gods, Goddess Aphrodite had special powers. She had control over the forces of love and sexual desire. Aphrodite was the mistress of seduction. She could make people fall instantly in love with her and could even cause fighting couples to fall in love again. 

One of the ways she cast her love spell over others, apart from showing them her perfectly symmetrical and flawless naked body, was with her magic girdle. Whenever Aphrodite wore it, whoever saw her would fall in love with her. Aphrodite often lent the magic girdle to other goddesses, such as Hera.

The Fairest of Them All

The goddess Eris tossed a golden apple bearing the words ‘to the fairest’ among the other goddesses. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite began to argue over who was entitled to the apple. Zeus decided that Paris, the prince of Troy, would determine who was the fairest and therefore deserved the apple. 

Each goddess offered Paris a gift to influence his choice. Hera offered him ultimate power over his enemies. Athena offered him infinite wisdom. Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful mortal woman in the world, the Spartan Queen Helen. 

Paris chose Aphrodite as the fairest of them all. Aphrodite used her special powers to make Helen fall in love with Paris. Helen left her husband, the Spartan King Menelaus, and eloped to the Trojan palace, the incident which started the Trojan War. 

Depictions of Goddess Aphrodite

Goddess Aphrodite is depicted with various symbols, including a mirror, a myrtle wreath, a rose, an apple, a sparrow, and a dove. Sometimes she is portrayed riding a swan or goose. Early depictions show Goddess Aphrodite wearing robes and an embroidered girdle. 

From the 4th century BCE, artists begin to paint and sculpt her semi-naked and naked form. One of the most famous of these is the Venus de Milo, which was created somewhere between 130 and 100 BC by sculptor Alexandros of Antioch. The statue is on permanent display at the Louvre Museum, Paris. 

Venus de Milo, Louvre museum, Paris

How Goddess Aphrodite Can Help You

Goddess Aphrodite is not dependent on a man for her sense of self-worth or her pleasure. She identifies what she wants, and she goes out and gets it. Aphrodite enjoys all aspects of love, intimacy, sexual desire, and pleasure. The Goddess is confident and secure in her own image; she is beautiful and proud of it.

Relationships and Love

Invoking Goddess Aphrodite can improve your romantic relationship by helping you to love yourself more deeply. She helps you see your unique beauty, feel confident in your own skin, and honor your Divine feminine energy. 

With a healthy sense of self-esteem, women are less likely to choose or remain in toxic and harmful relationships. When you love and value yourself, you know that a relationship is a two-way street, and it needs to be evenly balanced. You respect yourself enough to set boundaries and say no when someone tries to manipulate or abuse you. 

Connecting with Goddess Aphrodite can help you experience love and intimacy on your own terms. In this way, she helps you identify and ask for what you want in your intimate relationships, and take control of your pleasure and sexual desires. Aphrodite did not just wait and see if her lovers would meet her needs; she made sure of it.

Self-Love and Self-Care

Self-love is a fundamental characteristic of Aphrodite, so if you find loving yourself hard, or that you tend to skimp on self-care, it may be time to bring this Goddess into your life. Practicing exquisite self-care can be a significant first step in cultivating self-love. 

Taking the time, effort, and dedication to look after yourself demonstrates that you value your health and wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It helps to raise your vibrational frequency, and this makes you more magnetic and radiant to everyone. 

When you value yourself and have inner confidence, people can see it. You hold yourself better, stand taller, and make wiser decisions. You set an example for others to follow, and you never settle for less than you know you’re worth. 


Goddess Aphrodite bore many children. The number differs between sources, but it is somewhere between 14 and 20 children. If you are having problems conceiving or maybe you want a child and are searching for the right partner, use the meditation below to call upon Goddess Aphrodite. You can ask her to help you with fertility, or with finding the right person. Sometimes that means making space in your life and environment for the new partner or for the baby itself.

Once you have asked the Goddess for assistance, stay open to any signs you receive. You may be called to declutter your home, change your diet, or go on a journey. Whatever it is, follow this guidance, as it will likely be a positive experience.

Aphrodite’s Rock, Cyprus – The birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite

How to Connect with Goddess Aphrodite

We have designed two powerful Aphrodite invocations to help you connect with Goddess Aphrodite. Pick the one that resonates most with you. Whichever method you choose, it is essential to get yourself into a calm, meditative state so that you are open and receptive to the energy of the Goddess. Always begin any ritual with a few minutes of mindful breathing or meditation to ground and center you. Singing bowls can be useful for clearing energy and getting you into the right mindset.

Associated Objects

Goddess Aphrodite had many symbolic objects and animals associated with her. You can select one or more of these items to use in your rituals if it feels appropriate. To represent the animals, you can use pictures or photos, or even little statues or carvings.

  • Ocean related items – sea salt and ocean water, seashells, sand
  • Animals – dolphins, swans, doves, sparrows
  • Flowers – pink and red roses
  • Essential oils – rose, geranium, jasmine, bergamot
  • Crystals – rose quartz, carnelian, red jasper, smokey quartz, garnet
  • Foods – apples, strawberries, chocolate

Goddess Aphrodite Bathing Ritual

Draw a warm bath and add a couple of cups of pure sea salt to the water. Light some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. When the tub is full, sprinkle in a few drops of rose essential oil, or any of the oils listed above. Swirl the water while meditating on Goddess Aphrodite. If you have them, you can also sprinkle some fresh or dried rose petals onto the water. When you are ready, get into your bath. Soak in the warm, healing waters for 20-30 minutes, holding a piece of rose quartz. 

While you are relaxing, imagine that the energy of the Goddess is in the water, and is absorbing into your being as you bathe. Visualize yourself emulating the beautiful and confident Goddess Aphrodite, strong, seductive, and self-assured. You can ever speak to Aphrodite; ask her to help you love and appreciate yourself, and let your inner confidence shine. 

Once you have finished bathing and connecting with the Goddess, get out of the tub and dry yourself with a soft, warm, fluffy towel. Now it’s time to send loving thoughts to every part of your body. Grab your most luxurious body moisturizer (a rose-scented one would be perfect) and apply it slowly. 

As you massage the fragrant lotion into your skin, tell each body part how much you love and appreciate it. You can choose to say something about the way it looks, or if you find that hard, say something positive about how it helps you in life. For example, you could tell your legs that you’re grateful to them for enabling you to walk, run, and dance. 

When you have moisturized your entire body, look at yourself in the mirror and say this affirmation three times to your reflection:

“I am beautifully unique and uniquely beautiful. I commit to loving myself deeply and unconditionally. I honor my divine feminine power.”

The ritual is complete. You can repeat this once a week or as often as you like. You will gain even more benefits if you say the affirmation to yourself daily, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

The Aphrodite Bathing Ritual for Self-Love

Meeting Aphrodite Meditation 

Find a comfortable place to relax. You can do this meditation by the ocean if you have access, or at home with some ocean sounds in the background. Begin by taking three deep breaths to relax. Feel yourself supported by the surface on which you are sitting or lying. When you feel grounded and relaxed, visualize yourself sitting on a beach. The calm water is lapping at the shore in front of you. The warm sun is shining down upon your body, softening any tension, and making you feel wonderfully relaxed.

You notice a few yards out in the sea, a white foam forming on the water. It looks different from the regular gentle waves, so you focus your attention on that spot. You see a beautiful female figure emerging from the foam. This figure is naked, has gorgeous long hair streaming down her back, and appears to be standing on top of a huge pink scallop shell. The figure, now fully emerged from the ocean, steps off the shell, and walks through the shallow surf toward you.  

When she reaches your place on the beach, you see that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. The figure smiles warmly and speaks these words: “I am Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty, love, sensuality, and fertility. I am here to help you. Tell me your worries, and I will transform them, just as the alchemist transmutes lead into gold.”

You accept Goddess Aphrodite’s invitation. Tell her an issue you have relating to love, fertility, sexuality, and self-acceptance. The Goddess hears your worry, absorbs it into her being, and offers a positive statement or piece of advice in return. Quiet your mind and listen for what she says to you. You may hear it immediately, or it may come to you later, either as a whisper in your mind, or you may even notice it on the TV or read it somewhere. Stay alert because it might come in the most unusual of ways, but if you remain open, you will receive it. 

You thank the Goddess and watch as she walks back into the ocean. She steps back onto her shell and submerges into the water. You remain on the beach for a little while, absorbing the sunshine and the words of the Goddess. You know that you can come back anytime to connect with Goddess Aphrodite and receive her alchemical assistance. 

Use the ‘Meeting Aphrodite’ meditation to ask for Aphrodite’s assistance


We hope you have enjoyed learning about Goddess Aphrodite and how she can help you. Aphrodite is there anytime you need a hand with fertility, negative body image issues, self-confidence, or wish to deepen your relationship with yourself. Remember, you are a Goddess too; treat yourself like the Divine being you are. We are here to assist you; please place any questions or comments in the box below or connect with the Femigod team and fellow Goddesses in the Sacred Circle forum.

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