The Goddess can be described as a spirit or force that assists us in becoming our highest selves. It is an energy that will guide us through life, encourage us to grow spiritually, and help us create the life we want for ourselves.

The term “Goddess Guidance” comes from the goddesses of ancient times. They were responsible for helping people with their needs, guiding them on their journeys, and providing support in every aspect of life. We all have aspects of being goddesses within ourselves, but it’s up to each person to decide how much they want to reach into that aspect of themselves and live its potential.

This section offers an introduction to what Goddess Guidance means. It explains what it is, how it came about.

The goddesses have helped people through many difficult situations, even if it was just simply providing comfort and hope while the humans searched for a solution to their problem on their own.

The Goddess Guidance program takes participants through a series of different sessions that are meant to align you with your divine plan. The sessions teach participants how to release stress, open up their hearts, and nurture themselves while connecting with their divinity. The exercises also teach participants how to express themselves fully without being afraid or ashamed of what they have to.

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