How to Use Crystals for Meditation and Spiritual Connection

Regular meditation brings many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. Using crystals for meditation amplifies these effects and helps us achieve faster results. There are so many different crystals, and so many ways to use them, so in this guide to using meditation crystals, I break it down for you, explaining the best crystals to use for meditation, how to use them, and how to use a crystal grid for meditation. Why Use Crystals for

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How to Use Grounding Crystals to Realign with Earth Energy

What does it mean to be grounded and connected to the Earth? If you find yourself feeling frazzled and exhausted, and even sleep doesn’t refresh you anymore, then it’s highly likely you are in need of grounding. Read on to discover more about what makes us ungrounded and how to come back into connection with the Earth using grounding crystals, visualization, and Mother Nature herself. What is Grounding? Simply put, grounding is realigning with the

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Crystal Healing: Harness the Transformational Power of Nature

There’s no doubt about it – crystals are beautiful. If you have magpie qualities like me then chances are you already own some of these pretty stones. But do you want to go deeper into the legends, attributes, and transformational power of your crystals? This definitive guide to crystal healing for beginners will reveal some of the history and folklore surrounding crystals, explain how to use them for crystal healing, and why they work so

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How to Increase Flexibility: 6 Hacks for Supercharged Results

Are you looking to increase flexibility in your asana practice? For a lot of people starting out in yoga, flexibility is their number one goal. They want to be able to sit in full lotus, do the splits, or get their head to their shins in a forward fold.  You may be surprised to learn that daily asana practice isn’t the only thing you need to do to increase flexibility in your body, and that

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Yin Yoga: 7 Awesome Benefits for Body and Mind

Most forms of yoga target the superficial muscles, create strength, and tone the body. They are usually active and dynamic practices that work the ‘yang’ muscular half of the body.  Yin yoga however is designed to target the deep ‘yin’ inner muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, and connective tissue (known as fascia). There are many benefits of yin yoga, and this article will address seven of the most powerful for body, mind, and emotions. What is

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Goddess Lakshmi: 3 Invocations for Abundance and Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of abundance, fortune, and prosperity, both in the material and spiritual realms. The name Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit words laks and laksa and means ‘understand your goal.’ It is also related to the word laksana, meaning ‘auspicious opportunity.’ An incarnation of Goddess Shakti, Lakshmi was first mentioned in the Sri Suktam, a devotional hymn found in the sacred Hindu text, the Rigveda. The Sri Suktam describes Goddess Lakshmi as auspicious and regal, lustrous

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