How to Use Grounding Crystals to Realign with Earth Energy

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What does it mean to be grounded and connected to the Earth? If you find yourself feeling frazzled and exhausted, and even sleep doesn’t refresh you anymore, then it’s highly likely you are in need of grounding. Read on to discover more about what makes us ungrounded and how to come back into connection with the Earth using grounding crystals, visualization, and Mother Nature herself.

What is Grounding?

Simply put, grounding is realigning with the earth’s energy. When you are aligned with earth, you feel stable and balanced right to your very foundation. You are in touch with your inner wisdom and have resilience to stress and turbulence. Like the majestic and deeply rooted tree, you can flex in the winds of life without breaking. 

When you are grounded you are connected to the here and now. You stand strong in your life and have the capacity to be fully present, fully engaged. You make better decisions because you are connected to your heart and values; you feel more authentic and self-aware. Using grounding crystals is an easy way to help you feel strong and connected.

How to Tell if You Are Ungrounded

Do you ever experience any of the following?

  • Exhaustion
  • Drained of energy
  • Spaced out
  • Unable to focus/brain fog
  • Unable to communicate effectively
  • Unsure of your purpose/lost
  • Daydreaming excessively
  • Unrefreshed by sleep
  • Indecisive
  • Disconnected from your heart/values/inner wisdom
  • Irritable and snappy
  • Overly defensive
  • Taken advantage of (physically/financially/emotionally)

If you regularly experience more than a few of these symptoms, then you could most likely benefit from using grounding crystals and doing some of the exercises in this article.

What Makes You Ungrounded?

Many factors combine to skew your energy out of alignment and make you ungrounded. The stress of busy modern life, environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, illness, injury, grief and loss, moving into a new phase of spiritual or personal development, skimping on self-care and proper nutrition, giving healing to others, I could go on. 

The point is, it’s really easy for your energy to come out of alignment and so practicing grounding rituals and techniques and using grounding crystals regularly is really important for your health and wellbeing.

Black tourmaline grounding crystal

Why is Grounding so Important?

If you are ungrounded and disconnected from earth’s energy, then you are disconnected from yourself. You will feel tired all the time, and life will feel like it takes a huge effort. You will attract energy vampires and emotional leeches because your defences are down. You will feel stuck and lost, without a strong sense of direction or purpose. 

You will make poor decisions because you will want to choose the easy option, and your judgment will be poor due to lack of focus and mental clarity. You will also struggle in your spiritual development because you will not be able to meditate properly.

Grounding and Meditation

So many people find meditation difficult because they are unable to focus their mind and concentrate. Others simply fall asleep during their meditation sessions. If you fall into one (or both) of these categories, I highly recommend you do some grounding exercises and start using grounding crystals. 

Being grounded when you start meditation is so important because it allows you to focus your mind effectively, and it gives your energy somewhere to go. When you meditate, your energy rises, so much so that when you finish a meditation session, you feel floaty, spacey, and sometimes as if your energy body is floating up above your physical body. 

If you begin the session already in this space, the session won’t be effective because you’ll lack concentration, and you’ll likely feel quite uncomfortable and unsafe. Using your grounding crystals before you meditate will increase your progress and enjoyment of meditation enormously.

10 Best Grounding Crystals

Now you know what grounding means, why it’s important, and how it feels to be both grounded and ungrounded, let’s look at the ten best grounding crystals. Generally speaking, black and brown crystals are the best for bringing your energy back down to earth. This is because color plays a part in a crystal’s vibration, and dark colors have a lower frequency than light or bright colors. Having said that, there are red crystals that are also great for grounding. Red is associated with the Muladhara (root) chakra, which is the energy center connected with being grounded. 


Obsidian is a black stone and carries a very powerful protective energy. It’s great for psychic cleansing and it helps you to release stuck negative energy from past emotional trauma so that you can step forward unhindered. 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline acts as a spiritual shield to protect you from negative energy. It is hugely grounding and stabilizing, reconnecting you with earth energy and helping you to feel safe and secure.


Hematite is a silvery gray stone with a super shiny exterior. It stimulates mental focus and concentration and is connected to the Muladhara chakra so is one of the best grounding crystals. It centers energy and provides spiritual security. Hematite can absorb negative or toxic emotions to clear them out of your system.

Hematite bracelet

Black Onyx

Black onyx can absorb fear and phobias that keep you stuck in a negative thought – emotion – behavior loop. When you are free from fear, you feel empowered and connected to your higher self. Black onyx represents yin and yang, the ultimate symbol of perfect balance. 


Jet is purifying and grounding. It is an energy filter, drawing out negative energy so that there is space for positive. Jet is created from decaying wood and extreme pressure – it is actually a type of coal called lignite. Because of this it has a strong earth energy that roots you firmly back into alignment with the earth, making jet one of the best grounding crystals in your spiritual toolbox.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is useful in that it is extremely grounding, yet it can raise your vibrational frequency when needed. It dispels stress and anxiety while helping you to build resilience and strength to meet all of life’s challenges gracefully. Smokey quartz is an amplifier stone; it magnifies the energy of any other crystals you use with it. 


Feel strong and stable in your foundational chakra with shungite. This stone is powerfully connected to the root chakra and helps you to feel safe, secure, and anchored to the earth. Shungite is an excellent neutralizer of electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronic devices, something that definitely contributes to ungrounding and destabilizing your energy field. 

Tiger’s Eye

The beautiful shimmery brown color of tiger’s eye is connected to the element of earth and the energy of the sun. These two things combined make tiger’s eye a powerful grounding stone, which draws energy toward the earth.

Red Jasper

All types of jasper are grounding, but red jasper is the best because it is connected to the Muladhara chakra. Known as the ‘supreme nurturer,’ red jasper supports, protects, nourishes, and grounds your energy. 


Carnelian is excellent for anchoring you to the earth while restoring your vibrancy and enthusiasm. A highly creative stone, carnelian can help you to find creative solutions to your problems. It stabilizes, motivates, and helps you to remain present and focused.

Red Jasper

How to Use Your Grounding Crystals

You can use any of these grounding crystals according to your own intuition. Sit with your chosen stone and quiet your mind. Tap into your inner wisdom and ask to be shown the most effective way to use this crystal at this time. Trust the answer you receive. 

Some ways I like to use my grounding stones are:

  • Placing them on my lower body, Muladhara chakra, and feet while I meditate
  • Hold them in my hands while I walk barefoot in my garden
  • Carry them around with me during the day
  • Sleep with them by my bed or under my pillow at night
  • Wear them as jewelry for daily protection and grounding

Grounding Exercises

If you would like some additional exercises to use in combination with your grounding crystals, here are my favorite exercises for reconnecting with the earth.

Root Chakra Balancing

Place any of the grounding crystals that you feel most drawn to on your root chakra. Close your eyes and focus your awareness on your breath. Imagine there is a beautiful beam of red light shining from your Muladhara chakra, through the crystal. The crystals energetic vibration blends with that of your root chakra light, realigning it to its perfect energetic frequency. 


This one is so simple and beautiful. Earthing means walking barefoot on the earth to realign your energy. The earth emits negatively charged electrons that we absorb through our body. These electrons neutralize free radicals that can cause chronic illness and disease. All you need to do is find a place where you can walk barefoot safely (no sharp stones or twigs) and walk. Hold your grounding crystals to amplify the effects of your earthing session.

Grounding Visualization

Settle yourself for meditation and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Once you feel relaxed imagine that you are standing in a forest with the trees. Breathe in the fresh, richly oxygenated air and take in the sights, smells, and sounds around you.

Feel your feet connected with the rich dark earth. Mimic the trees by sending roots deep into the earth. Your roots draw earth energy into you, cleansing, grounding, and nourishing your entire being. Stay for as long as feel supportive, hanging out with the trees, birds, and animals of the forest. When you are sufficiently grounded, gently bring yourself out of the visualization.

If you would like to follow a guided visualization and become the tree, try this one.

Putting it all Together: A Crystal Grounding Ritual 

When you feel in serious need of grounding, try this ritual to reconnect you with the earth and bring you back to your center.  I recommend doing this ritual as a monthly healing and self-care ceremony.

You will need:

A selection of cleansed and programmed grounding crystals A smokey quartz point A small piece of paper and a pen A cup of your favorite herbal tea Some meditation music A private outdoor space Your journal

Get prepared:

Gather all your things together. Ensure you feel safe and secure wherever you have chosen to do your ritual, and that you won’t be disturbed. Make your tea, ideally in a covered cup or flask so it won’t spill, and it will stay warm. 

Perform Your Grounding Ritual:

Step one – Play your music (if you like, it’s fine to do the ritual without if you prefer silence). Hold two grounding crystals in your hands as you slowly and meditatively walk barefoot around your space. Focus on your breath and how the ground feels under your feet. Walk for as long as feels right to you; the aim is that you begin to relax and tune into the energy of the earth and your grounding crystals.

Step two – Sit on the ground and take your small piece of paper and pen. Write an affirmation for your intention. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, it can even just be a few words, for example, ‘I am grounded,’ or ‘I am aligned with Mother Earth,’ or ‘I feel strong, stable, and connected.’ Whatever feels right to you. If you feel comfortable, say your affirmation out loud three times.

Step three – Fold your affirmation in half and place it under the smokey quartz point, in between your feet. Lay down and intuitively place your remaining grounding crystals on and around your body. You might like to concentrate on your lower chakras and legs, but there is no right or wrong here. Trust your intuition. 

Step four – Close your eyes and focus your awareness on your breath and the sensations you can feel in your body. Be aware of your connection to the nourishing earth beneath you, supporting you, and the feeling of the crystals on and around your body. Just relax and meditate on the energy of the earth and grounding crystals as they recalibrate your own energetic field.

Step five – When you feel your meditation is complete, carefully sit up and take a moment to come back to the present. Now it’s time to drink your tea while you journal about your experience and give gratitude for the healing you have received from Mother Nature. You can place the affirmation and smokey quartz on your altar or somewhere else in your home to help keep you grounded and stable.

Smokey quartz point


There are many grounding crystals and techniques that can help you reconnect with nature and yourself. Taking time to ground regularly is an act of sublime self-care. Schedule in a regular grounding ritual or simply walk in nature as often as you can, while carrying your grounding crystals. 

I hope you have found this article useful. As ever, the way to properly benefit from what you read is to practice the advice. If you have any questions about grounding crystals or techniques the please share them in the comments below. Alternatively, why not join us over at the Sacred Circle? It is a free and empowering female spiritual community that isn’t hosted on Facebook! We hope to see you there. 

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  1. This article is very informative and helpful. I learned how to use grounding crystals to realign with earth energy and balance my chakras. I like the tips on how to choose, cleanse and activate the crystals. I’m curious about the different types of grounding crystals and their benefits. Which one is your favorite?