If you’re here, you’re either considering or already know the transformative benefits of applying ancient yogic and meditative wisdom to your life. One of the foundational tenets of yogic text is holistic self-care. The idea of tending to your own needs before anything else has become more widely accepted of late as women all over the world begin to prioritize themselves. But with many industries taking advantage of this new awakening, the words “self-care” have often come to stand as an empty catch-phrase in service of profit-driven marketing campaigns, leaving women who genuinely feel the need to nurture their mind, body, and spirit confused as to how to do this authentically.

As we attempt to avoid falling into the modern-day buzz-word trap, we pose two essential questions:

1. What does valuable yogic knowledge teach us about the importance of investing in ourselves?
2. How can Femigod assist women in doing this in an authentic way?


If you’ve watched the television or a video on YouTube lately, you’ve undoubtedly been bombarded with images of what self-care is supposed to look like. It usually boils down to expensive attempts at making yourself look younger, fitter, or what someone else deems ‘more attractive.’ Patanjali refers to this deep identification with outward appearance as asmita (ego) in his Yoga Sutra. This concern with asmita works to overshadow what self-care is really about, which is nourishing what lies beneath the body and the mind. One of the ways to do this is through regular yoga and meditation practice, framing your practice as a time of investment in your sense of peace and balance. Prioritizing this leads to a form of self-care that surpasses everything that focuses on the material, which is fickle and ever-changing, and honors the unchanging essence of who you are.


We’ve created a space where women all over the world can take comfort in knowing that they deserve to come first. Although we recognize the genuine commitments that women have to their careers, family, and friends, we also understand that a holistically balanced life is firmly within reach, and it all starts with you! In addition to making a variety of life-changing resources available to our community in the Temple of the Goddess and providing a Sacred Circle where you can go to connect with women on a similar journey, we also house a selection of practice-enhancing products that have the potential to elevate your practice and accelerate your growth. We’ve ensured that our range is pure, authentic, ethically sourced, and always of the most exceptional quality.


With so much merchandise on the market, it’s challenging to make fast, informed decisions to put yourself first with the best products for your unique needs. That’s why we’ve taken every measure to curate an exclusive selection of top-quality tools, accessories, and outfits for our Femigod community. In doing this, we make investing yourself simple by providing a range of items that you can guarantee are of the highest quality.


Conveniently categorized in our Market Place, every item in Femigod’s offering is ethically sourced from gifted artisans located around the globe. We make sure to develop long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, ensuring that when you purchase an item from us, you receive authentic, premium quality products that will make a significant difference to your practice and provide a noticeable boost to your peace-of-mind. Nurturing yourself should never come at a cost to anyone else, so we ensure that you can confidently shop our offering without hesitation. 


Self-care is an integral part of a balanced life, and making time for regular practice is one of the best ways that you can achieve this. The truth is that investing in yourself is the safest way to guarantee growth and genuine happiness. If you’re looking for something specific to elevate your daily practice or if you’d like to celebrate your inner Goddess with some spoils that will enrich your experience, take a look at our Market and browse through our full luxury range.