My Journey With Susan J. Witt

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Welcome to My Journey, a brand new series of inspiring and uplifting interviews with spiritual thought-leaders, mindfulness guides, and seekers of sacred knowledge, brought to you by Femigod. Each interviewee in this motivational series will share a carefully curated collection of personal musings from their lifelong journeys to empower, encourage and elevate women around the globe. For the first time ever, the My Journey series allows women who are on a quest for self-discovery to benefit from the first-hand accounts of those who have gone before them in an impactful and deeply personal way as they delve into the challenges, triumphs, and revelations of these inspirational individuals.

We know that the path to enlightenment is not always straight or lightly traveled. Women around the world are experiencing the inner detachment that results from the frantic lifestyles that the modern world requires them to uphold. Juggling careers, families, personal relationships, and financial pressures along with the ever-present comparison trap of social media leaves many feeling as though they will never achieve genuine peace or fulfillment in their lifetimes. As a result, more and more of these women are turning to the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in an effort to rebalance their lives and reclaim their inner sense of divine direction. The My Journey series tells the stories of women who have changed their own lives for the better by acknowledging and nurturing their inner Goddess in an effort to encourage and motivate other women who are on the same journey. These stories are an archive of hope that proclaim that change is possible, balance is achievable and spiritual fulfillment is never as far off as it seems. 

Susan J. Witt

The relatability of the stories told in the My Journey series stems from the fact that they are told by real women and reflect their authentic experiences. While each woman’s journey is her own and shaped by her unique circumstances and gifts, many women experience similar stumbling blocks, moments of doubt, and questions of purpose along the way. These common challenges, combined with the unifying pursuit of a better life, are the bonds that bind the Femigod community and the foundation of an incredible support system that encircles the globe. Now our rising community of awakening Goddesses is able to benefit from the wisdom and life experience of women who have walked the path before them and are able to impart a selection of directional pointers through their stories. 

This third installment of the My Journey series features an interview with Susan J. Witt, who has achieved great personal success as an author. While many associate Susan with Reiki and Angel Readings, few women are aware of just how treacherous Susan’s passage to her current success has been. In her in-depth personal interview, Susan discusses the strategies she utilized to overcome self-doubt and how self-love helped her to stay true to her purpose and achieve the life balance that she had thought was impossible. 

For full access to Susan’s story and the My Journey series, simply follow the link below and embark on your own journey today.

For more information on Susan J. Witt:

Website: https://www.lovejustissjw.com

Energy of Love By Susan J. Witt: https://www.lovejustissjw.com/energy-of-love

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