Psychic Attack – 3 Steps to Complete Psychic Protection

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Welcome to our definitive guide to psychic protection and how to protect yourself from psychic attack. We will discuss why we need to protect ourselves against psychic attack and share our favorite psychic protection methods.

What is Psychic Attack?

This is a broad term that includes any type of intentional or unintentional harmful energy sent to another person.

This energy can bring negative effects to a person such as physical pain or sickness, low mood, and unexplained negative emotions, fear and paranoia, subtle or extreme bad luck, and an extreme drop in energy and motivation. 

We will explore the different types of psychic attack and their specific symptoms in greater depth later in the article.

Why Do We Need Psychic Protection?

It is important to protect ourselves from intentional and unintentional psychic attack and other forms of energetic harm. Modern-day life is busy, stressful, and filled with toxins such as junk food, alcohol, drugs, and EMFs. This causes people to feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and angry and they can unintentionally direct those emotions towards you. 

Additionally, vulnerabilities from modern-day life cause breaks and tears in the auric field, opening us up to attacks. This is known as a low psychic immune system and can be remedied by practicing positive psychic hygiene.

The main causes of a weakened or low psychic immune system are:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • UNEs – Unresolved Negative Emotions
  • EMFs (5G, Wifi, devices etc)
  • Poor physical self-care (diet, exercise, sleep, water, stress, overwhelm)
  • Low vibration thoughts and feelings 
  • Toxic relationships (including self)

We can protect ourselves from psychic attack and strengthen our psychic immune system by practicing positive psychic hygiene. This includes avoiding drugs, alcohol, and processed foods, limiting exposure to EMFs, doing shadow work or therapy for our UNEs, release ourselves from toxic relationships and boost our self-love, practice impeccable self-care, and limit stress and overwhelm.

How Do I Know if I Am Under Attack?

As discussed earlier, there are several forms of psychic attack. These can be directed toward a person intentionally or unintentionally. Let’s look at each of these individually and assess their symptoms.

Intentional Psychic Attack

If someone has intentionally attacked you, depending on their intentions you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Extreme bad luck
  • Physical pain and headaches
  • Feeling exhausted and having low energy, especially when you first wake up
  • Psychological disturbances (depression, anxiety, confusion, fear and paranoia)
  • Sleep disturbance and nightmares

This type of attack is much less likely to work if you have a strong energetic shield and a good psychic immune system

Unintentional Psychic Attack

You have, most likely, unintentionally attacked someone else. This happens when we feel angry or fearful of another person. It is most common when going through a traumatic relationship breakup where you have been wronged and you feel a lot of anger or hatred toward one or both parties. 

It can also happen if you have had an argument with someone, whether they are a friend, work colleague, boss, or romantic partner. We can unintentionally send psychic attacks to people of influence and power who are in the public eye.


These are energetic entities brought to life via intense concentration, usually based on fear or anger. They can be sent to a person psychically or simply picked up in a place where intense negative emotions or traumas have happened. Thought-forms can give the host out-of-character thoughts, emotions, and reactions to situations and a feeling of being watched or a presence, thus induce paranoia, fear, and anxiety. 

Psychic Attachments

A thought-form can be classified as an attachment because it is an entity that attaches to your energy field. People are also forms of psychic attachments. This is usually someone who has passed on but can also be someone who is still alive. Psychic attachments of people are common when there has been an intense connection between two people and then that connection is broken, either by one party ending the relationship or by death. 

This is often seen when someone dies but doesn’t move on and instead sticks with the person they loved most. It is felt by the living person that the dead person is constantly with them. While in the short term this may feel like a comfort to the living person who has lost their loved one, in the long term it doesn’t serve either soul. 

In the case of a relationship breakup, the person who did not want the relationship to end can lose a part of their energy that can remain attached to the other person. The symptoms of psychic attachment include feeling like you are never alone, feeling off-center, and experiencing thoughts, emotions, or reactions that you recognize as from the person who has attached themselves to you. 

Energetic Cords

Energetic cords can also be installed during relationships and even intense but short interactions between people and then remain in place after the relationship or interaction ends. These cords can remain in place for a long time, bringing unwanted energy to you, and sapping your own energy.

Psychic Vampires

Most psychic vampires don’t realize they’re doing it. You are much more prone to being the victim of a psychic vampire if you are an empath, an energy healer, counselor, or therapist, or if you have a weak psychic immune system and poor psychic hygiene. If you are the victim of a psychic vampire, you will feel drained after spending time with the person, whether that is a co-worker, friend, partner, or client. You may also take on the emotions and even illnesses of the vampire, who can pass these to you after weakening you by sapping your energy

3 Steps to Complete Psychic Protection 

The best ways we can practice psychic protection involve spiritual practices and techniques. Why? Because this is how we directly affect our energetic bodies and vibrational frequency. When we raise our vibrational frequency, we are no longer a match for lower vibration energies such as thought-forms and attachments. My psychic self-defense process contains a three-step approach. 

The first step, before putting the protection techniques into place, is to cleanse yourself and your space of any lower vibration energies thought-forms, or attachments. We don’t want to create seals and shields and trap these entities in! 

The second step is to raise your vibrational frequency and boost your psychic immune system. This has the effect of defense because we are no longer vibrating at a low enough level for thought-forms or attachments to match to. Also, boosting your psychic immune system repairs holes and tears in your auric field, thus preventing entities from entering. 

The third step is to practice specific psychic protection methods to create shields and boundaries of protection around yourself and your space. There are many methods to choose from and I will give you an overview of my two favorite methods. 

So, let’s go through those three steps one by one and explore how to put them into action. 

1: Spiritual Cleansing

There are many spiritual cleansing techniques available to you and your space. My favorite is a spiritual bathing ritual. Here is an example of one of my favorites:

Draw a bath and add some clear quartz to the water, along with sea salt, fresh or dried rosemary, and lavender essential oil. Swish the water to dissolve the salt and mix the ingredients, infusing your intention for spiritual cleansing into the water. Light candles and incense if you wish. While you bathe, visualize the water drawing out and away from you any lower vibration energies, thought-forms, or attachments. Once you feel this is complete, get out of the bath and then pull the plug, visualizing the lower energies being drained away with the water. 

Some additional spiritual cleansing techniques include:

  • Smoke cleansing yourself and your space using cleansing herbs
  • Using sound frequency such as singing bowls, chanting and clapping
  • Visualization techniques to cleanse your aura
  • Sprinkling salt water around your home

2: Raising Your Frequency and Boosting Your Psychic Immune System

Like spiritual cleansing, there are many ways to raise your frequency and boost your immune system. Earlier I mentioned the basic things you need to do daily if you want to ensure a strong physical and psychic immune system. 

These include avoiding drugs, alcohol, and processed foods, limiting exposure to EMFs, doing shadow work or therapy for your UNEs, releasing yourself from toxic relationships and boosting your self-love, practicing impeccable self-care, limiting stress and overwhelm, and starting to break negative thought patterns and reprogramming unhelpful belief systems.

Here are some extra things you can do to boost your psychic immune system and raise your vibrational frequency:

  • Practice white light visualization – imagine pure white Source energy flooding your being through your crown cakra
  • Spend time in nature – ground yourself outside with your shoes and socks off if possible
  • Meditate with crystals – any that you feel drawn to, but amethyst, selenite, rose quartz, and clear quartz are particularly effective

3: Psychic Self-Defense Methods

Like the other steps, there are many psychic self-defense methods to choose from. Here are my two favorite methods for beginners. 

1: Diamond Shield of Protection

This is an extremely popular psychic protection method because it is so effective. It is performed via visualization and there are many ways to do it. Some people like to visualize their shield in a specific color. I prefer diamond white light because of its purity and strength.

Get yourself into a meditative state in your preferred way. Visualize diamond white light energy streaming into your crown chakra from the Universe above. This high-frequency energy flows down your entire chakra system and then out into your energy field via your chakras. 

As it fills your entire aura it crystallizes into an unbreakable sparkling diamond shield all around you. Only high vibrational energy can move through your diamond shield. Low vibrational energy is deflected by the shield’s iridescent and reflective surface. 

Empower your shield by infusing it with the intention that it will protect you from all low-frequency energies for the rest of the day. Ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to bless and protect your shield for added energy. 

2: Pentagram Crystal Grid 

We will use the ancient sacred symbol of the pentagram for this protective crystal grid. My preference for crystals for this grid is black tourmaline, but you can use any protective crystals. Some other options are onyx, amethyst, hematite, or garnet. You will need five crystals of the same type for this grid. Additionally, you can use a clear quartz point or wand to activate the grid. 

Start by gathering your crystals and cleansing them in your preferred way. Set the grid either on a surface in the room you want to protect or to encompass the entire room or the entire house. Simply place a stone at each of the five points of the pentagram. You can draw this on paper to assist you, either on a small piece of paper to make a grid board or over a floor plan of your home. 

To activate the grid, you can use a clear quartz wand or the index finger of your dominant hand. Tune in to Universal Source energy, whatever you deem this to be, and imagine powerful white light energy entering your crown chakra at the top of your head, filling your entire being. Concentrate this energy to the tip of the wand or your finger. 

Point the wand or your finger at the first crystal in the grid (you can start anywhere) and swirl it in a clockwise motion around the crystal, visualizing a vortex of energy flowing into the crystal. Move to the next crystal and do the same, and so on until all have been activated. 

Then, draw the pentagram from crystal to crystal with your wand or finger, pulling the energy from the activated crystals into the pentagram shape. Visualize this shape as glowing bright white and radiant, alive and active, protecting the space.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to psychic protection. Please feel free to share your questions or comments below, or why not start a discussion on the topic in our Sacred Circle? It is the perfect community to ask and answer questions relating to spirituality and personal growth. We hope to see you there!

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