Sahasrara Crown Chakra: Seat of Divine Connection

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Introduction to Sahasrara Crown Chakra

As we ascend the chakras, we finally arrive at communication with Divine source energy and the higher self. This communication happens at the Sahasrara crown chakra. The 7th chakra is our direct connection to cosmic consciousness.

Sahasrara is also known as ‘the thousand petal lotus’ because it is the embodiment of enlightenment. It is like a crown that sits just above your head, radiating upward into the cosmos. All nadis unite here – just as the waters of all the rivers end up flowing into the ocean, so your energy ends up flowing through your Nadis and into to Sahasrara.

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Associations

  • Sanskrit name: Sahasrara
  • English name: Crown
  • Etymology: Sahasrara = Thousand petaled
  • Location: Just above the crown of the head
  • Color: Violet and white
  • Element: Divine consciousness
  • Power word: Connection
  • Physical associations: Pineal gland, central nervous system, brain, and Ajna chakra
  • Planet: Moon
  • Animal: Enlightened human being
  • Deity: Adi Shiva – supreme consciousness
  • Lotus: Thousand petals symbolizing infinity
  • Keynote: B
  • Solfeggio frequency: 963 Hz
  • Nature sound: Silence
  • Seed mantra: Aum
  • Affirmation: I feel connected to Divine consciousness
  • Crystals: Selenite, amethyst, clear quartz, diamond
  • Essential oils: Jasmine, rose, lavender, frankincense, juniper, sage, myrrh
  • Mineral: Flourine
  • Metal: Gold
  • Foods: Healing herbs such as Gotu Kola, lavender, sage and lotus, cleansing foods like fresh green juice, lemon water, fresh leafy salads, and fasting
Lavender is useful for Sahasrara balance, as an essential oil and a herb

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Characteristics

The Sahasrara chakra is associated with spirituality and connection with cosmic consciousness. It is here that Divine source energy can enter the body and meet your own energy at Anahata chakra. This convergence of two energies into one at the heart is the ultimate union of self and Source and shows how important it is to have a pure, clear, and radiant heart center.

Sahasrara Crown Chakra also facilitates your connection with the sacred, and realization of the truth of reality. It is here that you can access higher states of consciousness, Ananda (Divine joy or bliss).

Sahasrara can help you transcend your limitations, both self-imposed and those that have traveled through many lifetimes. When you are able to connect with Divine consciousness through Sahasrara crown chakra, you experience a universal, transcendent awareness of the way things really are, and with this unshrouded awareness comes wisdom and liberation from suffering.

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Sahasrara Chakra

If you have an imbalance in this chakra, you may experience a disregard or even disdain for all that is sacred. You may also notice that you are always ‘in your head’ and find it challenging to stay grounded. Closed-mindedness and inability to see the bigger picture can also result from an imbalance in the Sahasrara crown chakra.

Underactive Crown Chakra

A lack of Sahasrara crown chakra energy can result in spiritual cynicism and an inability to see the sacred all around you. You will feel disconnected from Source and your higher self. Fear of death, hopelessness, and despair are low Sahasrara issues.

You may need to increase Sahasrara energy or remove a blockage in this chakra if you are unable to transcend your own negative thought patterns or self-imposed limiting beliefs. Loss of vision, connection, and purpose, apathy, mental and emotional exhaustion, depression, and suicidal thoughts are also signs of low crown chakra energy.

Overactive Sahasrara

You may feel disconnected from your body, and like you are spending too much time in your head. You may develop an obsessive attachment to spiritual development – also known as being a ‘spiritual junkie.’ This can be dangerous if you don’t have regard for proper grounding and balancing of the other chakras, especially the lower chakras, MuladharaSvadhisthana, and Manipura.

Over-analyzing and intellectualizing can result from too much Sahasrara crown chakra energy, as can spiritual misperceptions, hyper-sensitivity, delusions, and mental confusion. Psychological issues that can manifest from excess crown chakra energy are split or multiple personalities, spiritual psychosis, and bipolar disorder.

Physical Symptoms of an Unbalanced Crown Chakra

Head or brain disorders, central nervous system issues, depression, psychological illness, sleep disorders, addiction related to the need to escape from one’s present reality are all Sahasrara imbalance manifestations. Other physical symptoms include memory issues and amnesia, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, headaches and migraines, sensitivity to light, vision issues and blindness, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and autoimmune disorders.

Crystals such a clear quartz, selenite, and amethyst are useful Sahasrara balancing tools

Signs of a Balanced Crown Chakra

When this chakra is clear, you will feel a deep connection with Divine consciousness from a firm and grounded foundation since the Sahasrara and Muladhara chakras are linked. You can be 100% present with clear mindful awareness of your current expanded consciousness.

You are connected to your higher self and can trust your inner guidance to lead the way. You feel inspired and empowered to move forward with your life and spiritual goals. You possess a spiritual discernment that enables you to know what is true and what is illusion.

You find it easy to identify and release your limiting beliefs and negative mindsets as you expand and converge with source energy. You easily acquire spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and this leads to self-mastery.

You feel centered and present, yet like you are expanding into Divine cosmic consciousness. You are balanced and grounded enough to experience this in a healthy and positive way. This expansion and cosmic connection leads to a state of Ananda because there is no fear present. A feeling of oneness with the whole of existence also leads to Ananda and liberation from suffering.

How to Open Your Sahasrara Chakra

Meditation is by far the best way to work on opening the Sahasrara crown chakra because it is so intrinsically linked to spirituality. Visualization will help you to connect with the Sahasrara chakra, and as with all chakras, mantra and sound are excellent tools for retuning this chakra.

Meditation and Visualization

The most potent way to reharmonize the crown chakra and release stuck energy is through meditation. Regular meditation practice of all sorts is beneficial.

Take a few deep breaths and become aware of your body. Once you feel present and grounded, visualize your crown chakra as a beautiful thousand-petaled lotus flower of white, gold, and violet, spinning gently on top of your head. When you feel connected to your Sahasrara, imagine a brilliant white light pouring into your Sahasrara crown chakra from above, filling your entire body with radiant white light. This light is cosmic energy, and it purifies your whole being, including your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.

When you feel entirely filled and purified, you can allow the white light to cease. Feel the remainder infusing into your cells and storing energy for later use. Sit with your breath for a little while until you feel present and grounded again. When you feel ready, bring the meditation to a close by gently opening your eyes.

If you prefer a guided meditation practice, you can try this Sahasrara crown chakra meditation.

Singing Bowls

Sound vibrations are excellent tools for reharmonizing chakra energy. Singing bowls that are attuned to the frequency of the chakra you wish to balance are particularly effective. The Solfeggio frequency of Sahasrara is 963 Hz, so choose a bowl with this frequency. Play the bowl and allow the sound vibrations to wash through your being. You can also place the bowl on your crown and gently play it so that the vibrations enter the Sahasrara chakra directly. If you don’t have an appropriate singing bowl, listen to this Sahasrara sound bath. 

Mantra Chanting

Bija mantras are seed sounds of the universe that align with cosmic energy. Each chakra has its own mantra, and the mantra for Sahasrara is ‘Aum,’ the primordial sound of the universe. Chanting Aum will retune the chakra from the inside out. Play some ambient or relaxing music (if you find this helpful) and allow the mantra to arise spontaneously and naturally. There is no right or wrong way to practice mantra; just do what feels good. If you would prefer a guided practice, try this video. 


Pranayama is excellent for clearing stuck energy blockages in the chakras. Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is brilliant for clearing Sahasrara crown chakra because it balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and the Ida and Pingala nadis (the energy channels that run either side of the main Sushumna Nadi in the spine).

Nadi Shodhana is excellent for Sahasrara Crown chakra balance

To practice:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and use any cushions or supports to help you feel supported and relaxed.
  • Take a few deep breaths to center and ground yourself. When you are feeling present and relaxed, place your right thumb on the right side of your nose, your index and middle fingers on your Ajna third eye point, and your ring and pinky fingers on the left side of your nose. Inhale and close the left nostril.
  • Exhale slowly through the right nostril, then inhale close it with your thumb.
  • Open your left nostril and exhale slowly, then inhale and close.
  • Continue in this sequence – open right, exhale and inhale, close. Open left, exhale and inhale, close.

Practice for a few minutes, to begin with, and take it slowly. As you get used to the practice, you can increase the length of time. If you experience any dizziness, then stop the practice and return to normal breathing.


Yoga is an excellent tool for chakra balance, and there are some beneficial postures for the Sahasrara crown chakra, including:

  • Balasana (Child’s pose)
  • Vrksasana (Tree pose)
  • Sasangasana (Rabbit pose)
  • Ardha Padmasana (Half lotus)
  • Padmasana (Lotus pose)
  • Sirsasana (Headstand)
  • Savasana (Corpse pose)

You can practice these poses individually or put them all together for a complete practice. If you would like to try a yoga class designed for Sahasrara crown chakra balance, try this one. 

Sirsasana is great for Sahasrara balance

Putting it All Together

For a powerful Sahasrara practice, you can combine the activities here.

  • Start with Nadi Shodhana alternate nostril breathing pranayama for a few minutes.
  • Perform the yoga poses outlined above, according to your ability. If you cannot comfortably or safely do Padmasana or Sirsasana, then simply leave those out.
  • Relax in Savasana for a few minutes, and then slowly make your way to a comfortable seated position. If you are comfortable in Ardha Padmasana, take that, but if not, take Sukasana (Easy pose) or any posture that suits you.
  • Chant Aum for a minute or two, or however long feels beneficial to you, either on your own or with the recording.
  • Begin the meditation and visualization outlined above, or play the guided practice.
  • When you have finished, either stay seated or better still, return to Savasana and relax for a few minutes, allowing your body and energetic field to integrate the effects of your practice.


We hope that you enjoyed learning about the Sahasrara crown chakra and how you can balance it and open this chakra to enhance your connection to Divine consciousness. As always, we highly recommend that you put this knowledge into practice, as that is how transformation can take place. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below; we will be delighted to help you.

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