Spiritual Seeker Assessment
Spiritual Seeker Assessment
A tool designed to help individuals evaluate and understand their spiritual beliefs and practices.

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On A Scale Of 1-10 How Happy Are You On A Daily Basis?*

If You Could Improve One Area Of Your Life What Would It Be?*

What Brought You To This Spiritual Community And What Do You Hope To Gain From It?*

What Are Your Greatest Strengths?*

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?*

What Are You Looking To Get Out Of Your Spiritual Journey?*

Have You Found Your Life Purpose?*

How Connected Do You Feel To The People Around You?*

Describe Your Ideal Spiritual Tribe?*

What Are The Biggest Challenges Or Frustrations You Face On Your Spiritual Journey?*

What Is Your Fear About Finding Your Life Purpose?*

What Does Life Look Like When You Feel Like You Are Emotionally Healed And Thriving Personally And Professionally?*

What Are 3 Goals You Have In Life That You Haven’t Accomplished?*

If You Could Wave A Magic Wand And Have The Perfect Solution To What You’re Going Through Right Now What Would You Need? *

What Types Of Resources Or Events Would You Be Interested In As Part Of This Community?*

How Do You Typically Prefer To Learn And Receive Information (e.g. Through Discussion, Reading, Listening To Lectures, Participating In Workshops, Etc.)?*

What Skills And Expertise Can You Offer The Femigod Community?*

What Do You Hope To Achieve By Being A Member Of The Femigod Community?*