Spiritual Seeker Assessment
Spiritual Seeker Assessment
A tool designed to help individuals evaluate and understand their spiritual beliefs and practices.

Full Name

Email Address

On A Scale Of 1-10 How Happy Are You On A Daily Basis?

If You Could Improve One Area Of Your Life What Would It Be?

What Brought You To This Spiritual Community And What Do You Hope To Gain From It?

What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?

What Are You Looking To Get Out Of Your Spiritual Journey?

Have You Found Your Life Purpose?

How Connected Do You Feel To The People Around You?

Describe Your Ideal Spiritual Tribe?

What Are The Biggest Challenges Or Frustrations You Face On Your Spiritual Journey?

What Is Your Fear About Finding Your Life Purpose?

What Does Life Look Like When You Feel Like You Are Emotionally Healed And Thriving Personally And Professionally?

What Are 3 Goals You Have In Life That You Haven’t Accomplished?

If You Could Wave A Magic Wand And Have The Perfect Solution To What You’re Going Through Right Now What Would You Need?

What Types Of Resources Or Events Would You Be Interested In As Part Of This Community?

How Do You Typically Prefer To Learn And Receive Information (e.g. Through Discussion, Reading, Listening To Lectures, Participating In Workshops, Etc.)?

What Skills And Expertise Can You Offer The Femigod Community?

What Do You Hope To Achieve By Being A Member Of The Femigod Community?