Have you always wanted to explore the transformative benefits that ancient yogic and meditative philosophies could offer you but couldn’t find a reliable and convenient source? Maybe you need help to develop new habits that could revitalize your life with a renewed source of energy and motivation to succeed. Perhaps you’re an established yogini, always on the move and looking for a community in which to root your daily practice. Whatever brings you here, we believe that you all have one thing in common – the chance to channel your inner Goddess and manifest the life you deserve.

The Temple of the Goddess is designed to be your spiritual resource center where you can tap into the power of ageless wisdom from anywhere in the world. Treat this space as your virtual temple – a home base for your personal growth. Here you will find a knowledge library where you can draw from our exclusive selection of eCourses created to enhance your holistic wellbeing and to empower you to take charge of your life. The Temple of the Goddess is the ultimate learning space for those wanting to connect mind, body and spirit by releasing tension, restoring balance, calming the chaos and improving on your practice in your own space, on your own time, in your own powerful way.


Our knowledge library is loaded with video tutorials, insights, lectures and practice guidance for beginner to advanced-level spiritual seekers. All of our content is deeply rooted in ancient yogic philosophies and our seasoned facilitators from all over the globe are invested in Femigod’s core values of empowerment, quality and community. The magic of our approach to eLearning is that we allow access to each course individually so that you can select exactly what you need from our library in order to create your own personalized program that you can incorporate into your unique journey.


The Temple of the Goddess is the practice-based arm of Femigod - our fast-growing worldwide community of empowered women. Our mission is to support you in your path to unleashing the Goddess within by providing you with practical tools, high-end products and safe discussion spaces that encourage open dialogue and foster a genuine community with the fearless pursuit of authenticity at the heart of everything we do. Join our community today to become a part of the spiritual revolution.


Access the health benefits of yoga, meditation and knowledge sessions from wherever you are

Create your own customized program by choosing the e-Courses that fit seamlessly into your life

Tap into ancient yogic and meditative philosophies and practices from the comfort of your own home

Become part of a global community of inspired women from all walks of life

Shop our exclusive range of carefully curated products to enhance your practice

Learn from the very best by connecting with our network of teachers from all over the world


It’s true what they say, energies are contagious. If you want to surround yourself with like-minded women who are also on a mission to channel their inner Goddesses, then claim your place in our Sacred Circle today.

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