“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Since ancient times, sacred knowledge has been passed down from master to student, forming an unbroken lineage of wisdom that remains alive today. By entering the Temple of the Goddess as an instructor, you are ensuring that the ancient lines of knowledge remain unbroken by passing what you have learned on to the next generation of students. 

The Temple of the Goddess is a growing library of practice and theory courses that is open to beginners and experts in the spiritual sciences across the globe. In this online sanctum, students benefit from the expertise of deeply learned souls who have mastered practices such as Astrology, Hermetics, Meditation, Metaphysics, Reiki, Tarot, Yoga and many more, while teachers are given an authentic platform to grow their audience and spread awareness in their area of expertise. For both students and teachers, the Temple of the Goddess offers an opportunity to usher in a new phase of spiritual growth while joining hands with a community of empowered women across the globe. 

Are you a yoga teacher, Reiki master, tarot expert or spiritual coach looking for an opportunity to showcase your expertise to a targeted market? Join us to experience how the Temple of the Goddess can grow your brand awareness and increase your sales.

We are looking for serious teachers who are dedicated to their practice and passionate about sharing their knowledge with a growing online community of women. Sign up as an instructor today and you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Teach from anywhere in the world and reach a global audience
  • Cut through the saturation in the wellness and lifestyle industry to reach a targeted audience
  • Demonstrate your expertise in your niche and grow your following
  • Make authentic and meaningful connections with your students
  • Empower and uplift women by sharing your knowledge
  • Grow awareness around your personal brand
  • Enter your next phase of spiritual growth as a mentor, guru or guide
  • Ensure that the lineage of wisdom that connected you to your vocation remains unbroken by continuing to teach as you were taught by someone with the same calling

Contribute to our spiritual resource center and give other women the opportunity to tap into timeless wisdom for their growth and wellbeing. We view all of our teachers as experts in transformation and welcome contributions in a range of spiritual subjects, no matter how niche. By embracing the power of online learning, we are enabling teachers to enter students’ homes on the opposite ends of the globe with familiarity and ease. At the same time, you are introducing your brand to a host of dedicated community members, thereby growing your target market and, by extension, your wellness-focussed business. 

Experience the unique spiritual enrichment that comes from becoming a conduit of spiritual wisdom. Sign up to become a Temple of the Goddess Instructor today! 

* Instructors receive 80% of the revenue for each course sold.

This includes both:

Sales occurring through instructor promotions

Sales that do not occur through an instructor promotion