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Ready, Steady, …

What’s all this about?

Be an Observer

Sound is Movement

The Divine Connection

Food for Thought

Feel with the Whole Body

Micro and Macro Cosmos

Is there MORE?


This experiential journey will give you practical advice and tasks to do every week in order to overcome the most common challenge that starting meditators face: a calm mind.

A chain of short and succinct videos will guide you without secrets, miracles, or new-age fluff. The whole idea is to spend as little time as possible. You will not be required to sit for hours, journal, or show retained knowledge. The concept of this course is completely experiential, and depends on your application of the advice and doing the tasks.

The tasks may range from 3 to 10 minutes a day or once a week. Ideally, it will take SEVEN weeks to complete the journey.

Disclaimer: this course is not meant to heal or cure any mental, emotional, or physical disease or condition. If you do have those, seek professional, specialized and licensed therapists or medical doctors.

What to learn?

Become aware of the subtle signals the body receives via perception channels; Enhance your perception; Calm the mind; Find piece in just being;


  • There are no prior knowledge requirements;
  • Basic knowledge of English is essential;
  • Healthy state of mind;

Target Audience

  • Beginner practitioners of any meditation techniques;
  • People who are stuck on their spiritual journey;
  • People who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to their daily meditation;
  • People who wish to find a simple way to focus and get rid of daily disturbances.


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I have been on the yogic path for more than twenty, and teaching it for more than five years. A couple of years ago I got certified for Massage therapy and Reflexology. I practice some other healing techniques, but my

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