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A Journey Through Ancient Wisdom

Our knowledge library is filled with everything you need to take your practice to the next level. Whether you’re just starting to unlock the benefits of divine thought or you’ve already walked a long journey with the support of ancient wisdom, our library is the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to tap into these philosophies to improve your life. We’ve worked to provide a holistic approach to learning by offering a variety of ways for you to access sacred insights so that you can awaken the Goddess within and transform your life.


If you’re a visual person who loves to engage with regular, bite-sized chunks of valuable information, our extensive video library, housed in The Temple of the Goddess, offers a selection of in-depth eCourses on a range of topics so that you can access step-by-step yoga tutorials, beginner to advanced meditations, topical lectures, and learning programs. We offer different tiers for our eCourses so you can personally curate a program that speaks to your unique interests, and that fits into your specific lifestyle. Visit the Temple here to begin learning.

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Our Goddess Scrolls are written by our core team of experts who are dedicated to sharing sacred knowledge and useful insights with our Femigod community so that you can apply valuable teachings to your life in practical ways. If you’ve ever wanted to know the steps to invoke a Goddess so that you can manifest specific outcomes or if you’re looking for expert guidance on practice techniques, nutrition, wellness, and the most exciting upcoming retreats, our Goddess Scrolls are the place to find it all. We post articles regularly, and you can make sure that you never miss out on an update by signing up to receive new posts directly in your inbox!


The Sacred Circle is a place where you can connect with like-minded women from all walks of life who have chosen to embark on a journey to self-actualization and holistic wellness. This Circle is a place where you can reach out to other women in the Femigod community for support, advice, and inspiration. You don’t have to walk this path alone. If you’ve been looking for an inclusive space where you can invest your energy into growing a progressive community of Goddesses, then the Sacred Circle is your new spiritual home. It’s as easy as signing up here to join incredible women from all over the world as they work towards communal healing.

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At Femigod, we are committed to creating a comprehensive and supportive environment for your spiritual journey. From the abundant resources in our Knowledge Library to interactive eCourses in The Temple of the Goddess, written insights in the Goddess Scrolls, and the vibrant community of the Sacred Circle, we provide diverse avenues for learning, connection, and self-discovery. Whether you’re taking the first step or continuing your path, our offerings are designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards awakening the divine within. We invite you to explore, engage, and enrich your life with the wisdom and community at Femigod. Your transformation awaits; embrace it with confidence and curiosity. Join us today and elevate your existence to unparalleled heights.