Goddess Isis: 3 Invocations for Magical Manifesting

An egyptian painting of an egyptian goddess.

Introduction to Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis is one of the most significant deities of ancient Egypt. She was worshipped in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome for over 7000 years. Isis had more power than any other God or Goddess, even the great sun God Ra, creator of humanity and kingship. In fact, Isis was able to use her immense power to force Ra to reveal his true name to her, bestowing upon her sacred vibrational tones that produced instant manifestations, adding to her power. 

Goddess Isis was one of the Ennead – the nine primeval Gods of ancient Egypt. The Ennead consisted of: Atum – the sun and creator of all Gods, his children Shu – the air and wind, and Tefnut – the rain and moisture, their children Geb – the earth, and Nut – the sky, and their children, Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. 

Legend of Isis and Osiris

The power to rule passed down through the generations of the Ennead to Osiris, the eldest child of Geb and Nut. Osiris took his sister Isis as his wife and Queen. Their brother Seth was insanely jealous and killed Osiris, cutting his body into many pieces and scattering them far and wide. 

Isis was horrified by this atrocity, and with her sister Nephthys, collected the scattered pieces of her husband’s body. She put him back together and resurrected him back to life with her magical powers. Isis used mummification techniques in reassembling Osiris’ body, making her the origin of the mummification and funerary rituals of ancient Egypt. 

Osiris lived long enough to impregnate Isis with their son, Horus, after which, and with Isis’ help, he transitioned to Duat – the realm of the dead, becoming Lord of the Underworld. Osiris had given Isis an heir and avenger of his death, and Isis dedicated herself to protecting Horus until he was fully grown and able to avenge his father and kill his uncle Seth.

Goddess Isis and her husband Osiris

Divine Mother Protector and Healer of Humanity

To protect her infant son Horus from his uncle Seth and many other hazards, Goddess Isis decided to take refuge in the human world. Seven scorpion deities accompanied her for protection. Isis posed as a penniless beggar and requested shelter and food from a wealthy villager. The lady refused and turned Isis and baby Horus away. Isis found refuge with another villager, and while she and Horus were asleep, her scorpion protectors decided to take revenge on the wealthy woman for turning their mistress away. The scorpions combined all of their poison into one of their number, who snuck into the wealthy woman’s home and stung her sleeping child. 

Isis woke to hear the cries of the wealthy woman outside in the street. She looked out of the window and saw the woman who turned her away, carrying her dead child in her arms. Isis immediately knew that the scorpions were responsible for the death of the child. She rushed into the street and healed the boy, bringing him back to life by neutralizing the scorpion venom. This act gained her the reputation of being a compassionate and caring deity dedicated to the cessation of suffering and healing of humanity. 

Goddess of Many Aspects

Because of her immense powers and colorful history and legend, Isis is worshipped as the Goddess of many aspects. She is known as the Goddess of Protection because of the way she protected her son, Horus, from his power-hungry uncle Seth. Thus, she is revered as the protector of the kingdom and the mother of all Pharaohs. Her maternal aspect places her as a fertility Goddess, and she is often called upon to assist successful conception, pregnancy, and labor.

Because she resurrected the child, and her husband Osiris after he was cut into many pieces and helped him transition to the underworld, she is known as a great healer and the Goddess of funerals and the afterlife. 

She is revered as the Goddess of divine magic and alchemy. Goddess Isis gained the power of universal manifestation from the sun God Ra, and so she commanded the skies, the natural world, and even had control over life, death, and fate itself. 

Isis is still revered today in western culture, specifically in paganism and esotericism, where she is worshipped as the Divine feminine and the personification of Mother Nature.

How Goddess Isis Can Help You

Because Goddess Isis was the original mother protector, she can help you to heal your relationship with your mother. She does this by assisting you to move past limitations set by your mother for her own life that you have inherited. Goddess Isis helps you to break these energetic bonds of mindset and conditioning, stand on your own two feet, and take responsibility for your own decisions. Healing the relationship you have with your mother extends to your entire feminine ancestral line 7 generations back and forward, so it’s a potent and worthwhile thing to do. 

Being a fertility Goddess, you can ask for her help with conception and a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth, for yourself or anyone else.

Goddess Isis achieved her goal of resurrecting her husband and bearing a son and heir despite tremendous obstacles. Because of her determination and willpower to achieve her purpose no matter what, she can help you align with your true purpose. Isis can assist you to unlock your inner power, authenticity, and connection to the earth and all of humanity. Isis helps you connect with your dreams and cultivate a burning passion for making those dreams a reality, using the power of manifestation.

Goddess Isis was a powerful healer, even possessing the ability to heal the dead. She may not be able to bestow this power onto you, but she can help you with healing. Call on her if you or a loved one are sick or recovering from an operation and she will help speed your recovery and bring you health and wellbeing.

Because she is a Goddess of funerals and the afterlife, you can also request her assistance in the event of a loved one’s passing. Maybe you want to ensure the funeral goes smoothly or help the person transition unhindered into whatever your (or their) belief of the afterlife happens to be. 

Being the Goddess of the afterlife, Isis can help you access your past-life memories. Sometimes these memories have the effect of anchoring us in negative thought patterns and false beliefs about ourselves and the nature of reality. Sometimes they are the energetic imprints of difficult situations that we endured many lifetimes ago. 

Goddess Isis can help you to connect present unhelpful beliefs and mind conditionings to past situations, thus enabling you to cut the bonds that tether you and prevent your spiritual and personal progression. You can then realize the lessons from those past experiences and benefit from the wisdom you gained in overcoming them. 

If you wish to have past-life regression therapy, you can call on Goddess Isis to help you see the truth of your past incarnations and recognize the lessons and spiritual gifts that those lives provide. She can help you see the energetic bonds that manifest as hindrances in this life so that you can set yourself free. 

Statue of Goddess Isis

Three Ways to Invoke Goddess Isis

There are several ways you can invoke a Goddess’s power to help you in your own life. Meditation, visualization, mantra, prayer, positive action, and gratitude can all be beneficial. 

1. Meditation and Visualization 

Meditating on Goddess Isis and visualizing her image can be extremely beneficial in helping you with any issues you are dealing with. Get yourself into a deep meditative state using any of your preferred meditation techniques and then bring Isis to mind. You can either visualize her standing with you or simply bring to mind a sense of her story and characteristics. 

When you are ready, you can ask her for help with any issues relating to past lives, the need for protection (of yourself or your kingdom), healing, fertility, finding your true purpose, or manifesting your dreams. 

You can connect with Goddess Isis and simply ask that she infuse your life and that of your loved ones with her divine magic and alchemy. This divine magic can show up in unexpected and wonderful ways, such as sublime synchronicities, unforeseen surprises, and a feeling of being in harmony with the flow of the universe. 

When you have finished connecting with Goddess Isis, thank her for gracing you with her divine presence and gently come out of the meditation. Stay open and awake to the signs that Isis is manifesting your requests, they could be tiny to begin with, but as you continue to notice and give gratitude, they will grow in power. Be on the lookout, especially for strange synchronicities or coincidences. There isn’t such a thing as coincidence – it is a sign of manifestation and drawing something into your life that vibrates on the same frequency as you.

2. Practice Gratitude

Isis is the Goddess of manifestation. The manifestation of your desires simply means that you are vibrating on a high enough frequency to align with what you want to receive into your life. Keeping this vibration high is crucial, and the best way to raise your energetic frequency is by practicing gratitude. 

Gratitude journaling is one of the best methods of turning gratitude into a spiritual and personal development practice. Each day, write down at least three different things for which you are grateful. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small. What matters is the energy of gratitude you give to them. They could vary in size from big things like your home or child to little things like the compliment someone gave you yesterday or your morning coffee. 

It is vital to choose different things; the practice is not as effective if you list the same things day after day. Do this daily, and you will soon feel a massive shift in your vibrational frequency and the things, people, and situations you are drawing into your life.

Connect with your dreams and ask Goddess Isis to help manifest them

3. Positive Action and Prayer

It is wonderful to invoke the powers of Goddesses to help you in different aspects of your life. Goddess Kali, for example, can destroy all obstacles that stand in your way of personal growth and spiritual transformation. But like anything, effort is required to get results. The manifestation of dreams and desires is a co-creation between you and the universe. So, connect with cosmic vibration and the energy of the Goddesses, but also take action to move toward what you wish to manifest or change. 

In regard to realizing your dreams and goals, you can take action by getting in touch with your desires – what is it specifically that you want to be, do, achieve, create, and contribute? Have a brainstorming session and write down anything and everything that comes to mind, big or small. Then, circle the most important things and put them into a rough priority order. This isn’t an exact science, and it will most likely change, but you need to start from somewhere. 

Next, offer a prayer to Goddess Isis to help you see the next steps and guide you towards channeling your dreams into the universe for the benefit of all. Don’t worry about the religious connotations of prayer; it doesn’t have to be religious if you do not wish it to be. It is merely a way to connect with the energy of the Goddess and transfer your wishes to her. So, you can see your prayer to Isis as a divine phone call, a way to convey your dreams to her and open the channel of communication between you. 

Again, as with meditation, stay alert and aware of any signs that Goddess Isis is manifesting your dreams or helping you find creative solutions to issues that are standing in your way. Notice synchronicities, repeated numbers, objects, and symbols, or things you hear people say that stand out to you. Anything that catches your eye and stimulates your intuition could be a sign. These signs appear for a reason, and there is wisdom to be found by those who are awake.


You can invoke Goddess Isis for help with protection, healing, past lives, death and funerals, fertility and motherhood, manifestation, magic, and divine alchemy. Practice gratitude and pay attention to the guidance bestowed upon you. We hope that you have enjoyed this guide to working with Goddess Isis. 

As always, we recommend putting into action your learning and knowledge, for action is the way to transformation. We are here to help with any aspect of your spiritual practice and personal development, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as we can.

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