20 Powerful Love Crystals for Relationships and Self-Love

A woman's hand holding a piece of pink quartz.

Love cannot be forced – it needs to be nurtured gently and allowed to blossom naturally like delicate spring blooms. Love is not something you can explain in rational terms because it is different for each of us. In order to understand it better, you need to express and experience it every day. 

You can do this by cultivating love for yourself and for others. You can demonstrate love through your every thought, word, and deed. If you choose to infuse your life with love, you will enjoy greater happiness, fulfilment, and satisfaction. Your relationships will improve, including the most important relationship – the one you have with yourself. 

There are many love crystals that you can use to help you open your heart and develop self-love and fulfilling relationships, whether they be romantic, friendships, family bonds, or your relationship with the divine. 

Why Do Love Crystals Work So Well?

Crystals work on an energetic level. You can learn more about the science behind it in our first article in this series. Love crystals are no different. The energy of the individual stone can help to harmonize your own energy field. They can help to rebalance and cleanse the Anahata (heart) chakra, enabling you to give and receive more love. 

Of course, no crystal by itself has the power to fix a broken relationship or get you a date with your ideal partner, but crystals will help you to open your heart and clear blockages and emotional trauma, which in turn, assists you in healing your existing relationships and attracting the right people for new relationships to form. 

Using love crystals isn’t necessarily just about healing a marriage on the rocks or attracting a new romantic relationship. Family bonds are often hanging by a thread, happy yet stale relationships need some spice, and most of us could do with attracting more positive, balanced, nourishing friendships into our lives. 

The most important aspect is of course healing and nurturing our self-relationship and developing self-love and acceptance. And then there is the relationship we have with divinity/source/God/universal consciousness. All of this work begins with clearing and balancing your heart chakra, and luckily, crystals are excellent chakra cleansing tools. Let’s look at the top love crystals for heart chakra balancing, relationships, and self-love.

Self-Love and Healing a Broken Heart

Pink Calcite

Pink calcite resonates strongly with the Anahata chakra, clearing blockages and welcoming love in all its forms. Pink calcite is one of the best love crystals for healing past emotional trauma and developing self-love and compassion.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. It is the most popular of all the love crystals. It aligns the Anahata chakra and opens you to an abundant flow of self-love, romantic love, compassion, and friendship. Rose quartz is a super high vibrational crystal and helps you to vibrate on the energetic frequency of love. Love and gratitude are the highest vibration emotions – excellent for Law of Attraction and manifestation work. 

Rose quartz sphere for radiating loving vibrations


Carnelian aligns with the Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra and activates your creative and sensual fires. It ignites the spark of passion within you, whether that is in a relationship, or passion for a project or hobby – excellent for self-care and dedicating some of your time to doing something you love just for you. Additionally, carnelian is helpful if you are working to break emotional attachments.

Pink Moonstone

Like regular moonstone, pink moonstone has a beautifully soft, feminine energy. The pink variety is especially useful for balancing the Anahata chakra and cultivating unconditional love and self-acceptance. Pink moonstone can help you create a loving relationship with the divine.


Rhodochrosite is the ‘stone of the compassionate heart.’ This crystal encourages emotional healing and self-acceptance and self-forgiveness – the hardest type of forgiveness there is. Rhodochrosite helps you to realize the fact that even though you have made mistakes, you are still worthy of love and happiness. If you are working through any past emotional trauma, rhodochrosite will help the repressed feelings to surface so that you can deal with them and let them go, which is the only way to heal these old wounds and move forward free from pain.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline helps you to develop the courage to break down you’re the walls of protection you have built around your heart so that love can enter. It helps to dispel feelings of guilt and shame that stem from past relationships and emotional traumas. A stone of the Anahata and Sahasrara (crown) chakra, and much like pink moonstone, pink tourmaline helps you to create a loving relationship and connection with the divine.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red tiger’s eye is associated with the Muladhara (root) and Svadhisthana chakras. It is helpful in healing any type of sexual abuse, clearing negative associations, and helping you to recover from this traumatic experience. Because of this, it is known as ‘the survivor’s stone.’

Manifesting New Relationships


Citrine is associated with the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra and so helps you to feel empowered in your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. Additionally, it is one of the most powerful manifestation stones so is perfect to use when you want to manifest a new relationship. Citrine bathes you in the warm glow of sunlight, making your cheerful disposition and bright energy field very attractive to others.

A citrine geode is great for manifestation work


Known as ‘the stone of awakening,’ garnet is aligned with the element of fire. It awakens the dormant Kundalini energy coiled in your Muladhara chakra, giving you more power and energy to manifest your desires, whether they be a new lover or putting the spark back into an existing relationship. Garnet is one of the best love crystals for healing sexual dysfunction.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is aligned with the Anahata chakra, whose color is green. It aids the proper flow of energy through the heart center, opening you to new experiences and giving you the confidence to enjoy them. Green aventurine is a lucky stone, and so will be useful if you are looking for a new partner. 

Fire Agate

Fire agate is a manifestation stone a bit like citrine. It can help you to call in your perfect partner and give you the courage and confidence to hold your own space within the relationship. Fire agate helps to ignite passion and boost libido.


Opal is a beautiful stone for attracting pure love. It is an extremely romantic stone, and so if that is a quality you desire in a relationship, opal would be one of the best love crystals for you to work with. When you have attracted your new love, give them a piece of opal jewelry as opal promotes faithfulness and devotion. 

Healing Existing Relationships

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is associated with the Vishuddha (throat) chakra and is one of the most effective love crystals for honest and loving communication between romantic partners, including being open about your feelings, and compassionate listening. Lapis lazuli is good for protecting the integrity of a relationship and can assist in healing rifts and broken trust. According to folklore, giving someone a gift of lapis lazuli creates an eternal bond between you. 


Ruby is the stone of nobility because it possesses the qualities of power, devotion, confidence, and courage. It is an excellent crystal for building a strong foundation for your relationship and evoking passion, love, and sensuality. Some cultures give a gift of ruby to a newly wedded couple to enhance the bond of passion and love between them.

Green Jade

Green jade is one of the most effective love crystals for building trust in a relationship. If there has been a betrayal of loyalty in a partnership, green jade can help to heal these wounds and restore the bonds of trust. Green jade can help to renew an old or stale relationship, bringing new energy and passion, and strengthening the connection. 


Amber is an excellent wedding gift because it is a stone of good luck in love and marriage. This crystal infuses a relationship with energy and vitality, radiating a warm and happy glow. Amber encourages patience, balance, and protection, and will help the wearer to feel secure in their relationship.


Turquoise is a stone of acceptance and peace. It is helpful to those who tend to lose their temper easily and can be useful in relationships where there are a lot of arguments. Turquoise encourages collaboration and compromise while helping you to accept your partner for who they are. 


Emerald is an auspicious precious stone. It is a wonderful stone to use in a marriage because it brings good fortune, loyalty, unconditional love, and stability. Emerald encourages forgiveness, acceptance of personal responsibility, and harmony.


Moonstone is aligned with the Sahasrara chakra and divine feminine energy. It helps both partners to honor the divine feminine and emotional landscape within. Moonstone is a fertility stone and can be worn by both partners when they are trying to conceive. Moonstone can help you to balance emotions and heal from emotional trauma

Shiva Lingam

Shiva lingam is a sacred stone that symbolizes the union of Shiva and Shakti, the divine masculine and feminine energies of the universe. It inspires passion and devotion and helps to create a sacred bond.

Lapis lazuli

How to Use Love Crystals 

Love crystals can be used in many ways, depending on the goal and desired outcome. 

Self-Love and Heart Healing Meditation

If you are using crystals for self-love and heart healing, lay down and place your chosen love crystals over your heart space. Imagine pink, green, or white light emanating from the stone into your Anahata chakra, filling your heart with loving energy. As you inhale, breathe this energy from the crystal into your body. As you exhale, sigh out any negative energy. You might like to see this exiting as a different color – brown, black, and dark gray are all common choices. 

New Love Visualization

Set yourself up for meditation holding your love crystals in your hands. Now visualize your ideal partner. Make the picture as detailed as you can – really see what the person looks like, how they are dressed, their gestures. Hear their words as they tell you all about themselves. See the two of you going on the perfect date and treating each other with love, kindness, and respect. 

You can even fast forward the movie and see yourselves in the future, happily married, with children, living in your ideal home, if these are things you want from a relationship. You can include whatever details you want in your visualization, just as long as they reflect what you want from a new relationship.

Once you have finished, your love crystals will have absorbed the energy and intention of your visualization. Carry them with you as you go through your daily routine and be open to new relationship possibilities. This means saying yes when invited out, being open to conversations with strangers, etc. Crystals are powerful but you need to do your part too!

Revitalizing an Existing Relationship

You can both wear an item of jewelry containing the love crystals of your choice. If your partner is open to it, you can do a meditation together, holding each other’s crystals and infusing them with love and devotion. When you wear the jewelry you will absorb your partner’s loving energy. 

If your partner is not open to using crystals, you can discreetly place crystals around the home in the rooms you spend the most time together. Choose the love crystals that hold the energy of what you need help with in the relationship.

For example, if you need help reigniting passion and sensuality, place fire agate, ruby, garnet, or Shiva lingam in the bedroom. If you need to work on honest and loving communication, place lapis lazuli or turquoise in the room where you have the majority of your conversations.


Love crystals are excellent for realigning and clearing the Anahata chakra and cultivating love, compassion, friendship, trust, and self-acceptance. Choose the ones that resonate most with your goal, and remember to cleanse, charge, and program them with your intention before use. As always, we are here to answer any questions so drop them below or join us in our Sacred Circle forum. Watch this video to learn more about some of the Goddesses already in the Sacred Circle, and how being part of a spiritual community can benefit you. 

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