Everything I Need To Know About My Sun Sign

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Our personalities, habits, and desires are closely related to our star signs. In particular, our sun sign is our identity and the essence that we shine out into the world. To understand ourselves we have to get to know our sun sign. If you’re curious about who you are in the world of astrology then read on to discover more.


March 21 – April 19

This fireball is the first zodiac sign in the chart and as such, they are the leader. Aries are pioneers, they love to be first at everything and make no apologies for their competitive nature. They will not and can not be beaten, they refuse to be second best.

Physical activity makes Aries happy. They like to take part in sports and are always on the go. Arians are known for their endless energy sources, they can keep going and will often wear out those around them.

They put their all into everything that they do and will not submit to failure. Aries is one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac, when they want something they will go out and get it. Anyone that stands in their way will meet the wrath of the Arian temper.

Their aggression and hot temper are not one to be trifled with. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war. They do not suffer fools and can be extremely blunt. Gentle souls they are not, Aries do not mince their words and are far from subtle with their intentions.

Aries are known for being impatient. They are impulsive and will jump in head first before thinking of the consequences. Confidence is not something that they lack, they believe in themselves and their abilities to get the job done.

Though they are hardy by nature, Aries has a childlike quality about them. They can be fun to be around and many look up to them. They have a natural charm that makes them popular with the people around them.


April 20th – May 20th 

If there is anyone that can be depended on then it’s a Taurus. These individuals are some of the most reliable people and they do everything they can to make sure that they don’t let someone down. If they say they’ll do something then they will, their word is their bond.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and so they have a love of beauty and splendor. They can get sidetracked by materialistic pleasures. As an earth sign, they are grounded in the physical world and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

In many ways, this can come across as possessive. They have a strong need to have nice things, including people. They can have issues with jealousy when they are in a relationship, they do not like to �?share’ their partners and will draw their horns when threatened.

Hard work and effort are the motto for Taurus. They won’t slack when something needs to be done, they’ll put their head down and get going. Their commitment to doing the job and their ability to carry out tasks is admirable. 

However, Taurus is very stubborn. They do not like being told what to do and will fight back when given orders. They believe that what they think is right and will clash with others over their opinions. 


May 21st – June 20th

Geminis are people pleasers. They like to get on with everyone and enjoy making new friendships. Sometimes it can come across as if quantity is more important than quality to them.

The zodiac symbol for Gemini is twins. This represents their split personality and adaptability. They can be inconsistent at times and will change themselves like a chameleon to fit in with others. 

They are very sociable and like to be the life of the party. When a Gemini is around they know how to lift the mood and have a great time. They are very chatty and will strike up a conversation with just about anyone. 

They enjoy mental stimulation, though they like to talk they will avoid mundane discussions. Meaningful debates are something that Geminis enjoy. They are very intelligent and curious about the world around them.

Geminis hate being alone, they like to be surrounded by people. Due to their many personalities, some Geminis may not know who they are and so they struggle to be in their own company. Generally, they are very affectionate toward others and are gentle creatures.

Having an open mind is a natural quality that Gemini possesses. They are very accepting and understanding of other people’s points of view. Variety and passion are important to them, they want to experience fun and excitement in everything that they do.

Gemini’s can come across as nervous. Their uneasy demeanor is noticeable at times and can impact their ability to make decisions. 


June 21st – July 22nd

Cancers are guided by their feelings and are very sensitive. Their emotional tendencies can be quite challenging, yet it is also one of their redeeming qualities. They care deeply for their loved ones, especially their family.

Their loyalty is what makes them amazing. They will stand by the people that they love and will always offer them the support that they need. Cancers are very empathetic and can feel what others are feeling on a deep level. 

On the other side of the coin, they can be moody. They can swing from happy to angry and then experience sadness in the blink of an eye. Cancers seem to always be on a rollercoaster of emotions that they struggle to maintain. 

They are very complex people with a vast array of feelings. If there is a potential for them to be hurt they will recoil and retreat inside of themselves. They avoid confrontation whenever possible and try to protect themselves as best as they can.

Cancers also have a darker, manipulative side. They will test people to see how much they love them as if to gain reassurance of their affections. Their insecurities are seen in the way that they treat people, trust is something that they struggle with.

Often the pessimist, Cancer will see the negatives in a person or situation before the positives. It is part of their defense mechanism. On the plus side, Cancer has a powerful imagination and enjoys taking part in the arts.  


July 23rd – August 22nd

Always the center of attention, Leos know how to draw a crowd. They are flashy and love to be the star of the show. They have a reputation for being conceited, however their high regard for themselves is admirable.

They like to show off and live for the admiration of others. As such, they are always surrounded by their many friends. They are very generous and love to share what they have with the people that they care about.

Arrogant is a word that is often associated with Leo. Their egocentric nature is not well perceived by some people. However, this is a part of who they are and they hold their head high to that end. 

The lion or lioness within is fiercely loyal. They will take down anyone who harms their friends or family. They are warmhearted and deeply devoted people, this is part of the reason why they are loved by so many.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, this fire sign is full of heat and high amounts of energy. They are exceptionally brave and are fearless in the face of a challenge. A lot of the time they can be brazen and bold.

As a leader, Leos are top-ranking individuals that claim their place at the top of the food chain. In their friendship group, they are known for having a great sense of humor. They are happy and cheerful people who, despite appearances, can be quite humble.


August 21st – September 20th

Virgos are practical people, they are very detail-oriented and tend to pick at the smallest things. They like to analyze and have a methodical approach to everything that they do. They are extremely conscious and won’t leave anything up to fate.

Known for their hard-working attitude, they are very well organized and like to plan everything out. They like to get involved with projects and put their intelligence to good use. Typically, they are more conservative than other signs.

As Virgo is ruled by mercury they have excellent communication skills. This can be in the form of writing or speaking. They aim to perform well in everything they do and are fearful of failure.

Virgos can be very critical at times. Due to their perfectionism, they tend to judge themselves if they do not achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves. If there is an area for improvement they will take their time, learn from their mistakes and fix what appears to be broken.

Overthinking is what Virgo struggles with. They constantly worry about various areas of their life. Their minds are always turning over new ideas and thoughts about themselves and others.

When they are described by others a common theme is that they are uptight. As they have a tendency to be on edge they are often told to �?relax’ by the people around them. However, they are very set in their ways and will not change the way that they think and feel.


September 23rd – 22nd October 

Diplomacy is an area that Libra excels in. They are fair-minded and are natural advocates for equality. Justice must be served when they are around, they cannot stand by while others are being taken advantage of or mistreated.

They are the peacemakers and will work to restore harmony around them. Libras are concerned with maintaining balance in their lives. They are the least likely to have extreme needs and behaviors. 

Always looking on the bright side of life, Libras are optimistic and many consider their company to be pleasurable. An amazing quality about them is that they can see the good in all around them.

Self-worth is Libra’s weakness, they indulge in self-pity and judge themselves. If something doesn’t go their way it can easily knock their confidence. In their relationships, they need constant reassurance that everything is ok to feel at peace.

Libra has a graceful air about them. They are ruled by Venus and so they appreciate beauty and love. They are fond of luxury items and opulence.

Sometimes, they can come across as vain. Looks are important to them and so they like to be surrounded by attractive people. They themselves will make sure that they are looking their best and are presentable at all times.

Libras are very charming and well-loved. They know how to make people feel good and can be a bit of a flirt. Under the sheets, they are incredible lovers which they are well known for.


October 23rd – November 21st

Undeniably passionate, Scorpios live and breathe for what they believe in. They like to assert their power and are afraid of what people think of them 

Scorpios are highly intuitive and have a sense of inner knowing. There is not much that can be hidden from them. They will work out what is being concealed from them, Scorpios are natural detectives.

They are, however, very secretive and are rather complex. They fear being vulnerable and so they pull back from people when they are wary. They can be distrusting of others and so they prefer to close themselves off rather than getting hurt.

Scorpios are emotional people, however they do not express how they are feeling as freely as others. They are a conundrum in the sense that they prefer to keep to themselves and yet they crave intimacy. Their sexuality is important to them and is a powerful asset. 

They have incredible stamina that is unmatched by most. Their partners will not last in the long run if they are not able to keep up. Sexual compatibility is a key priority for Scorpio as it will determine how well they work with their lover.

Their loyalty is never questioned, they can always be counted on to keep other people’s secrets. They are one of the most trustworthy signs. In return, they are also very honest and will tell the truth when asked.

Jealousy is a problem for Scorpios. Due to their lack of trust, they are inflicted with a case of the green-eyed monster from time to time. They have an aggressive streak that can sometimes turn violent. The sting of the Scorpio is not one to be messed with. 


November 22nd – December 21st

Sagittarius is big on adventure. They love nothing more than grabbing their passport and jumping on a plane. Travel brings them great joy, they love to discover new places and cultures that are different from their own.

They cannot be contained, Sagittarius likes to be free and out in the open. When they feel as though they are being tied down they will revolt in frustration and bolt. Their curiosity knows no bounds and they have a never-ending itch to get out and explore.

Being open-minded is a natural trait for Sagittarius. They like to learn new concepts and different ways of thinking. They are never the type to have a one-track mind, to them there are too many possibilities to explore. 

Sagittarius’ are philosophers, they like to theorize and think outside of the box. They are intelligent people that perform well as scholars. Goal-oriented and enthusiastic, Sagittarius is spectacular in many ways.

If there is anything that Sagittarius hates it is clingy people. They want to be able to go anywhere and any place without answering to someone. As spontaneous people, they need to have space to do what they want in their own time. 

They have many friends and are extremely popular. The relationships that they have with them are very important to Sagittarius. They’re the ones in the crowd cracking jokes and being completely carefree. 


December 22nd – January 19th

Traditional and conservative, Capricorns are dignified people that are the epitome of class and decorum. They have excellent manners and can be quite proper. They are seen by others as being upstanding members of society. 

They are very responsible and take their duties seriously. Whether it’s their personal or professional life they conduct themselves well. Capricorns can be counted on in any circumstance. 

Their ambition and drive are what make many Capricorns so successful. They are always hustling for what they want and are practically hypnotized by the prospect of money. Never will you catch a Capricorn lazing around, they are overachievers that are constantly working.

Discipline is in their name, they always have self-control. They won’t allow anything to distract them or throw them off course. If they have their mind set on something their focus cannot be shifted away from it.

Sometimes, Capricorns can come across as being cold, emotionless, and distant. They can be out of touch with others, especially if they are different from them. The high standards that they have for themselves they set upon others.

The element that Capricorn is connected to the earth. They are very grounded and take pride in this trait of theirs. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, represents the restrictive nature of people under this zodiac sign. 


January 20th – February 18th

The ultimate rebel, Aquarius’ are unique in their own right and love to stand out from the crowd. They defy the rules of society and prefer to live life in a way that feels right to them. To them, rules are meant to be broken.

They are nonconformists and do what they want. If anyone is likely to be a radical it is Aquarius. They are the humanitarians and are always trying to help others in all that they do.

Their eccentric style and flair contradict their quiet and shy personality. They are gentle souls. Many people are confused by this sign because the name Aquarius seems to suggest that they are a water sign when in fact they are an air sign.

Appearances are deceptive with Aquarius’, they have a side to them that can be very energetic. They are extremely friendly and connect well with other people. Many of the people around them appreciate their listening skills and feel as though they have a true friend. 

One of the downsides of Aquarius’ is that they don’t know how to express their emotions. In a relationship, they need to be with people who are ok with a lack of affection. It’s not that they don’t care, they’re just not open with their feelings.

Generally speaking, Aquarius’ are very progressive and inspire people around them. They are the ultimate best friend and are good company. They hate being alone and enjoy being with others. 


February 19th – March 20th

Pisces are extremely intuitive, they are some of the most spiritual people around. Their ruling planet is Neptune which is known for its mystical ways. They are very in tune with their energy and are related to the cosmic pull of the universe.

They are known for being extremely compassionate and are always looking out for others. If there is a way that they can help people they will do it. There is nothing that will stop them from looking after people.

Pisces are as gentle as people come. They are docile in nature and aggression is not something that they partake in. Instead, if they are annoyed they will give someone the silent treatment.

There are some zodiac signs that are known for their sensitivity. Pisces however may just be the most sensitive of them all. They are easily hurt and take things personally even if it is not aimed at them.

They like to romanticize life and would happily play the role of the prince or princess in a Disney movie. They are big dreamers and like to fantasize. Sometimes they can get lost in their thoughts and daydream.

Pisces are soulful beings. They are connected to the spirit world and seem to live in an alternative world. As they are the baby of the zodiac sign they can sometimes come across as childish.


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