Sacred Circle for Women: Supercharged Spiritual Empowerment

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What is a Sacred Circle for Women?

A sacred circle for women is a safe space that offers empowering connection, spiritual community, and a refuge of authenticity and trust.  Women’s circles are nothing new. Women around the globe and throughout history have gathered in circles to share wisdom and support each other.

Community gatherings such as this help women connect with their Divine feminine power and raise their vibrational frequency. With discordant politics, global pandemic, and segregation dividing us further every day, women need to be part of a spiritual community more than ever before. 

What are the Benefits of Joining a Sacred Circle for Women Online?

A sacred circle for women creates a container where we can come together, support, encourage, and empower each other to live authentically and share our unique gifts with the world in order to grow and affect planetary transformation. Traditionally, these gatherings were in-person; many women coming together in one physical location to share and connect. 

Stable Connection 

With the recent global pandemic, physical gathering has been grossly disrupted, and travel made impossible, and so finding an online community such as this is crucial. We have experienced so much stress, grief, and loss, which has caused mental wellbeing issues and spiritual disconnection for so many people. Gathering online means that whatever happens, we will always have the ability to connect with our sisters. 

Joining a sacred circle for women online provides us with unlimited resources, spiritual and emotional support, and the opportunity to support others, which is also extremely therapeutic. It will not be disrupted if we have to go into lockdown again, or if we are unable to meet in person because of illness, injury, lack of childcare, etc.

The Power of Technology 

By utilizing the awesome power of technology, we can connect with many more women than would ever be possible in local gatherings. This not only enriches our experience at the time but also creates a much vaster potential for change and healing. As the community’s reach grows, so do its positive effects on the individual and the world. We create a ripple effect that vibrates outward from many individual epicenters that inspires more and more people to delve deeper into their spiritual practice and feel empowered to stand up for what they believe is right.

Technology provides connection no matter what the global situation

How Can a Sacred Circle for Women Benefit Spiritual Practice?

Often, when you embark on the spiritual path, you do so alone. You may be lucky enough to have a partner or close friend who is on the same journey as you, but mostly, it is something we do unaccompanied by anyone in our close family or social circle. This means that you can feel very isolated, lonely, or overwhelmed. It also means that motivation and inspiration can easily wane, especially if you have a busy work and family life, and you are surrounded by people who do not support you or understand the path you are on. 

In these circumstances, your practice will suffer. Life and responsibilities will likely obstruct your daily practice. You will find your spiritual activities slipping further and further down your list of priorities until one day you wake up and discover that meditation was something you used to do and enjoy. This is an all too common occurrence, but it is so easily prevented by joining a sacred circle for women – a spiritual community of like-minded truth seekers. 

Prioritize Your Practice

You began to tread the spiritual path for a reason – you were drawn to it because you know deep down that it is what you need to do for your next level of development and awakening. This inner knowing is not something that you should ignore or allow to be drowned out by the cacophonous din of mundane existence. It is your higher self guiding you to where you need to go. Pay attention and prioritize this guidance; it will feed your soul and enrich your life and the life of those around you. 

By joining a sacred circle for women, like the one we have created here at Femigod, you will connect with hundreds of like-minded women from around the world, all with similar goals. You are able to give and receive support, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to each other. This connection helps you to prioritize your practice because you know that you are not alone. 


One of the best ways a sacred circle for women such as this benefits your practice is that it provides an opportunity for accountability. This is critical for success in any endeavor, whether business, personal or spiritual goals. Holding yourself accountable to someone, or a group of people, motivates you to continue moving forward with the goals you have set for yourself. Within our sacred circle for women, you can receive accountability in two ways; from committing to posting regular progress reports in the forum or connecting one-on-one with an accountability buddy.

Progress Reports

A great way to use our forum is as your spiritual practice journal. Firstly, set your intention for your practice and share it as a post. Include in your post what your goal for your practice is, for example, ‘I want to create a regular meditation practice.’ Also, share the specifics of how you will work on this goal: ‘I will meditate each morning for 15 minutes.’

Then, after your morning meditation, log into the forum and post a reply to your original post telling the community that you did your practice that day. The post will be date-stamped, making it easy for you to track your progress. You can also share how your meditation went each day, as well as any insights or breakthroughs you experience. 

Don’t worry if you run into obstacles; it is totally fine to share those too. Sharing what went wrong or got in the way of your practice enables you to find a solution. Plus, you can receive help, encouragement, and support from your sisters and the Femigod team. Also, by being vulnerable and open, you help others to see that they are not alone in their struggles, which is a beautiful way to give. 

Accountability is key to success – find yourself an accountability buddy in our forum

Accountability Buddy

If you prefer a more intimate approach, why not find someone to buddy up with? You can write a post discussing your goals for practice and ask if there is another Goddess who has similar goals and wants to buddy up with you. Having an accountability partner such as this is an excellent way to ensure that you never feel alone on your spiritual journey because you will always have a supportive person to confide in. 

You can discuss a check-in schedule with your buddy and keep each other on track. Discussing your breakthroughs and obstacles helps you both to progress because you will learn and grow together. Never underestimate the power of accountability; it is the single most important factor in ensuring success with any goal.

Why Choose to Join the Femigod Sacred Circle?

Joining a sacred circle for women such as this may resonate with you. These days there are many forums and communities that you can join. With so many free groups on Facebook and other social media platforms, how do you decide what community is right for you? 


It is crucial that you feel comfortable with the organizers of the group. Ask yourself if you can ascertain what the organizers’ intentions are; believe it or not, there are organizers out there whose primary purpose is to create a group of people to whom they can market and sell their products. Obviously, it is beneficial to have access to resources that you can decide to invest in (or not), as it suits your practice and goals, but joining a group that has been brought together solely for marketing purposes will not feel authentic or helpful. 

We hope that by being here with us and looking around at our generous free content and resources, you can see that our aim here at Femigod is to bring together a global community of like-minded women who can give and receive support and spiritual friendship. One of our primary missions in creating this platform and our sacred circle for women is to cultivate a collective of spiritually empowered women who, together, have the capability to make a permanent change.

We believe that diversity and cultural differences bring strength to our impact on the world. With this international fellowship of friends, we can share the potential of communal healing and selfless service with many more women worldwide, and make a much more significant contribution to global transformation. It is with this intention that we invite you to join our movement by participating in our Sacred Circle. 


The second thing that you should consider when deciding which community to become part of is the level of support and expertise that you will receive. It is absolutely critical for your progress and development that you are part of a community that has people who are further along the path than yourself. This is true of any development circle – it needs to be a mix of people who are on the same level as you for peer support, plus people with more experience who can provide you with real-life guidance. 

There is no ego involved in this – it is simply a case of sharing what works and what traps and pitfalls to avoid. Having the guidance of people who have been where you currently are is a vital aid to your progress and development. You can ask questions and receive advice and support from people who have been through the same issues. 

The Femigod team consists of experienced spiritual practitioners with decades of practice and study. We are qualified yoga teachers, energy healers, expert personal development authors, Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches, experienced meditation teachers, Buddhist practitioners, and mindfulness coaches. All our teachers and coaches are vetted to ensure their experience and authenticity to ensure that our community of Goddesses receives the best guidance possible.


We have a plethora of active topics and threads in the forum. These are as diverse as the women who make up our beautiful community. From crystals to yoga, meditation to chakras, methods of awakening to happiness journaling, grounding techniques to energy vampires, and so much more, there is something for everyone in our forum. If you do not see the topic or question that is on your mind, you can ask it in just a few clicks. 

Please be assured that no question or topic is off-limits; we want you to feel one hundred percent comfortable to be yourself and ask anything that will help you with your spiritual development. Ours is an inclusive and non-judgemental community; you will always be respected and honored for sharing your unique voice. You can feel totally safe in opening up and being vulnerable if you want to. We feel that the most significant transformation can occur from a place of radical vulnerability and authenticity, and so we encourage honest sharing and total respect.

Join a group of spiritually empowered women working for planetary transformation

What Other Benefits Will I Receive as a Member of the Sacred Circle?

We pride ourselves on providing our Sacred Circle Goddesses with as much free guidance, resources, and support as possible. Our experts regularly check the forum and post answers to your questions and provide you with support, insight, and inspiration. 

Exclusive Offers for the Highest Good 

Additionally, as a member of our Sacred Circle, you will enjoy exclusive content, offers, and discounts that are not made available to anyone else. We do this because we believe in the power of community, and we want to thank you for helping us with our mission of creating a global movement for planetary change. For this mission to succeed, each and every person involved needs to be as spiritually empowered and vibrationally strong as possible. Therefore it is in the best interest of all involved for us to offer as much help and support for you to achieve your potential as we can. 


We hope that this article has given you insight into the issues of practicing alone and the benefits of joining a sacred circle for women, as well as some factors to consider when choosing the right community for you. It goes without saying that we hope you feel our community is the right one for you, and that you feel inspired to be part of our mission to create a global collective of spiritually empowered women making planetary change for future generations. 

We want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way. You will never need to feel alone on your spiritual journey again now that the universe has brought us together. We are available to answer any questions you might have regarding our community or about your own personal practice. We have teachers and coaches who are experienced in every aspect of spiritual evolution and who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you. If what we have shared resonates with you, please take the first step to join the Sacred Circle. We are excited to get to know you and assist you on your road to holistic wellness and spiritual evolution.

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